Producing real-time, data-driven insights has never been easier

Dundas BI helps enterprises and software vendors strike while the iron’s hot, by transforming raw data into actionable insights in the form of dashboards, reports and visual data analytics.

Other data analytics software is restrictive and one-dimensional. Dundas BI is fluid and comprehensive. Get more value from your data and make critical business decisions faster using a complete, end-to-end business intelligence, reporting and data analytics platform that adapts to your exact needs.

*Embedded analytics solution built using Dundas BI

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We work hand-in-hand with our clients to help them unlock the power of their data and achieve a lasting competitive advantage.


Data Visualization

Power your dashboards with rich, interactive data visualizations to effectively communicate data insights and drive faster decision-making.



Reach your analytics goals faster with the only platform that can be customized to your wildest expectations.

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