What's New in Dundas BI


1. Overview

A list of highlights from the new features and enhancements available with the release of Dundas BI 8.0.2.

For a complete list of new functionality and behavior changes, see the List of changes in version 8.0.

2. Data Preparation and Analysis

  • Use Undo & Redo when editing data cubes, hierarchies, and metric sets like in dashboards and other views
  • The built-in data providers for Exasol and SAP HANA databases are now supported when Dundas BI is installed on Linux
  • Connect to multiple sheets with the same structure from Google Sheets with the same data connector and combine their data
  • Improve performance for frequently-used Python transforms using the new Pooling option
  • DundasScript used in data scripts now supports switch statements and the null coalescing operator ??
  • The Reporting calendar in time dimensions can now be set up for weeks 52-53 to be combined into one 14-day week

3. Design and View

  • Reports are now displayed with their complete page formatting within the browser just like in PDF exports
  • Improved performance when viewing and exporting large reports, scorecards, and small multiples
  • Add multiple export content formats to a single notification to be delivered together
  • Text customized in tables using placeholder keywords is now exported to Excel
  • Show / Hide interactions can now show, hide, or toggle the visibility of individual elements as well as layers
  • The HideFromHome tag can now also be added to a folder to hide all of its contents from the home screen

4. Data Visualizations

  • Easier access to common table visualization properties from the toolbar such as row header layouts and totals options

5. Administration

  • New Specify Notification Recipients application privilege can determine if users should be able to modify notification recipients
  • New health check to prevent issues related to file permission settings on the Dundas BI server
  • You can use the dt command line tool to reset a configuration setting for all scopes and scope targets if needed rather than the UI or API

6. Installation / Deployment

  • When deploying to Kubernetes with Dundas BI Helm charts, use the dundas.bi.appDb.Express parameter to set up a PostgreSQL instance automatically, or create or upgrade application and warehouse databases automatically by specifying their connections

7. API / Branding / Integration

  • The embed library now supports more easily embedding additional pages from Dundas BI such as editor screens and the home screen
  • Windows accounts can be converted to external accounts, for example to use Azure Active Directory, using new .NET and REST methods

8. See also

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