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1. Overview

The Release Notes for Dundas BI contains all of the details about the latest version, a complete release history, and the list of known issues.

2. Dundas BI Features

3. Dundas BI Resources

4. Release History

10.0.0 Revision 6 Retail Released on October 20, 2022 List of changes in version 10.0
10.0.0 Revision 4 Retail Released on September 21, 2022 List of changes in version 10.0
10.0.0 Revision 2 Retail Released on May 31, 2022 List of changes in version 10.0
10.0.0 Retail Released on May 9, 2022 List of changes in version 10.0

5. Known Issues

The following are known issues in the latest release.

92300 natural language assistant The metric set Assistant may not run when Dundas BI is installed on Debian. If unneeded, it can be disabled by setting the Machine Learning Provider to <None> in configuration settings.

6. Upgrade Notes

Important notes for planning an upgrade from earlier versions of Dundas BI.

75926 data connectors,
The data provider Oracle Database (Unmanaged Provider) is not available in Dundas BI version 10, although this was primarily used in versions before 6.0.1. You will need to edit data connectors using this provider and click Change Data Provider to use the Oracle Database option instead for them to work correctly.
custom extensions Dundas BI version 10 runs on .NET 6 everywhere, including both Windows and Linux. .NET 6 is a new version of the .NET Core platform previously used for Linux installations including Docker and Kubernetes. If you have any custom extensions, projects that targeted both .NET Framework and .NET Core as done in most Dundas-provided samples since Dundas BI version 7 should not need to be updated since assemblies for both are packaged into the same extension ZIP file. Extensions that targeted only .NET Framework or relied on a third party .NET Framework library now need to be able to run on .NET Core/.NET 5+ instead. See Using the Dundas.BI.PublishExtension NuGet package for more details including how to re-configure the Dundas.BI.PublishExtension package if you are using it to prepare your extension and need to change your target framework.
84019 data connectors,

If you are connecting to Microsoft Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365 as a data source:

  • For Dynamics 365 online/in the cloud, upgrade to Dundas BI version 10 and edit your data connector to use the new Microsoft Dataverse data provider and its new authentication method which Microsoft may require as of April 2022.
  • For on-premise versions of Dynamics, Microsoft does not yet provide server-to-server connectivity from .NET 6 to these versions. It is recommended to use Dundas BI version 9 for connecting to on-premise Dynamics at this time.
90312 cloud deployment The AWS Elastic Beanstalk option in the Deployment application has been deprecated and replaced by other cloud options such as deploying to Kubernetes using Helm charts, using Docker images directly, or deploying directly to compute instances.
N/A Internet Explorer Dundas BI version 10 will be the last major version to offer support for Internet Explorer 11, which is currently limited primarily to functionality available in view mode for dashboards, reports, and other views. Microsoft had already stopped development of this browser since 2016 other than security updates and recommended using other browsers such as Microsoft Edge instead, and will end its support for Internet Explorer on common versions of Windows 10 on June 15, 2022 (it is not available in Windows 11), after which time it will be disabled by Microsoft in affected versions of Windows.
N/A Linux deployment Deploying to version 7 of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is no longer supported starting with this version of Dundas BI. RHEL 8 is supported as well as other distributions and Docker images.

Also see the behavior changes in the list of changes in version 10.0.

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