Dundas BI - Release Notes


1. Overview

The Release Notes for Dundas BI contains all of the details about the latest version, a complete release history, and the list of known issues.

2. Dundas BI Features

3. Dundas BI Resources

4. Release History

5.0.0 Revision 10 retail Released on March 23, 2018 List of changes
5.0.0 Revision 8 retail Released on March 23, 2018 List of changes
5.0.0 Revision 7 Retail Released on March 16, 2018 List of changes
5.0.0 Revision 6 Retail Released on March 09, 2018 List of changes
5.0.0 Retail Released on February 08, 2018 List of changes

5. Upgrade Notes

General notes to help with upgrading from earlier versions of Dundas BI.

N/A administration If you have restored an application database backup from another instance to test this upgrade, ensure that the values of the Internal and External application URL settings are correct. Incorrect values will prevent the functionality of some of the features introduced in Dundas BI 5.
50791 reports and scorecards After upgrading to Dundas BI 2.5 or later, when you try to open an existing report or scorecard in the designer, you may see a message 'This report was created in an earlier version of Dundas BI and needs to be upgraded. Contact the System Administrator to resolve this'. As an administrator, run a health check  to resolve this. The health check will try to detect warnings and errors related to reports and scorecards and fix errors where possible. Reports and scorecards that cannot be upgraded are listed as warnings (in yellow) by the health check. For example, a possible reason for this could be that one of the dependent data connectors cannot connect to its data source and thus you will need to investigate or resolve this first.
60210 deployment and installation After upgrading server farm instances to Dundas BI 5 (other than the main instance, which runs the scheduler application), you can mark them as Farm Node by changing the IsFarmNode flag on the instance registry to True. Doing so will make future upgrades of farm nodes faster and easier.
62301 standard export provider

The Chrome Embedded Framework (CEF) standard export provider is now included in the core installation of Dundas BI. When upgrading to Dundas BI 4 or higher, you are no longer required to download the export provider and older versions are automatically removed.

63964 application database Upgrading from Dundas BI 1 to 4 or higher is not supported. When upgrading from Version 1, first upgrade the application database to Dundas BI 3. 

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