Filters can be added to your dashboard or view to allow you to easily see and change the current filtering while viewing.

Custom tokens can be added to the tokens menu of filters to provide your own filtering options based on a data source, a predefined set, a time offset, or script.

This article shows you how to use the search functionality that is built into various filter controls.

This article shows how the Play Axis and Hierarchy Slider filters can select a value or range and optionally progress automatically when you press 'play'.

This article shows you how to use a slider filter to select a single or a range of numeric values.

A checkbox list filter shows a list of values with checkboxes directly on your dashboard or filter bar, allowing you to select one or multiple.

A cascading filter allows you to select values from each level of a hierarchy from separate dropdown lists. Each dropdown is filtered based on the previous dropdown.

This article describes the Check Similar option which makes it easy to connect a filter or view parameter to multiple metric sets.

The Parameter Update Button lets users decide when changes in filters should be applied to the connected visualizations.

A dynamic element filter allows viewers to choose the measure or hierarchy they want to see in a visualization via a drop down list, without any scripting.

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