Use a dashboard in a scorecard


1. Overview

This walkthrough shows you how to use an existing dashboard in your report or scorecard.

Reports and scorecards in Dundas BI provide the ability to create multiple exports of the same dashboard, each for a different value of a hierarchy.

2. Example dashboard

In this example, we will use My First Dashboard from the Getting Started project in Dundas BI.

If you do not have the Getting Started project, an administrator can add it to your instance using the Dundas BI Deployment Application.

Open your Dundas BI instance and switch to the Getting Started with Dundas BI project.

Switch to the Getting Started with Dundas BI project
Switch to the Getting Started with Dundas BI project

My First Dashboard is found in this project.

My First Dashboard
My First Dashboard

3. Create the scorecard

From the main menu, click New and select Scorecard to create a new scorecard.

In the Explore window, locate the Product Sales data cube and drag the Product dimension onto the grouping drop area.

Dundas BI automatically creates a pair of controls, data label and header, for the grouping dimension. You will not need these for this example and they can be deleted.

Drop the group dimension
Drop the group dimension

Locate My first dashboard and drag it onto the body drop area.

Drop the dashboard
Drop the dashboard

With the dashboard selected, open the Properties window.

Click Repeater Mappings.

Click Repeater Mappings
Click Repeater Mappings

In the Set Up Parameter Mappings dialog, click Add new mapping.

Select Product (Level Value) from the Repeater Group and Product from My First Dashboard.

Set up the parameter mappings
Set up the parameter mappings

Click the submit button at the bottom of the dialog.

Switch to View mode to preview the scorecard.

Preview the scorecard
Preview the scorecard

When the mapped hierarchy has a large volume of members, exporting the report or scorecard will put a strain on the server and may affect performance.

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