Configuring notifications and other scheduling features


1. Overview

The Dundas BI Scheduler Service needs to be running and various configuration settings must be applied for notifications and other scheduling-related features in Dundas BI to work.

2. Dundas BI Scheduler Service

For any scheduled task in Dundas BI to work (e.g., notifications, scheduled data cube storage), the Dundas BI Scheduler Service needs to be running and the Windows user account that the service runs as needs access to the Dundas BI application database.

The Dundas BI Scheduler Service is typically installed along with the application. To verify that the service is running, open the Control Panel's Administrative Tools on your server and double-click Services.

Dundas BI Scheduler Service
Dundas BI Scheduler Service

Make sure the Scheduler Service account you're using has permission to write to the Dundas BI Warehouse database.

3. Dundas BI Configuration Settings

Next, various application settings need to be set as well.

From the main menu of Dundas BI, click Admin, expand the Setup section, and then click Config. On the right, you'll see a filterable list of configuration settings grouped into various categories.

Make sure the following configuration entries are set properly.

3.1. Internal Application URL

The Internal Application URL entry must be set for scheduling-related features such as scheduled notifications to work properly. This URL is used by the Dundas BI Scheduler Service.

Internal Application URL
Internal Application URL

3.2. Email settings

Email settings must be configured for certain features to work, including notifications and password reset from the Log on screen.

Email settings
Email settings

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