Dundas BI - System Requirements


Version 24.1

1. Overview

Dundas BI is a web-based server application that can be installed on Windows or Linux using SQL Server/Azure SQL or PostgreSQL databases for storage. Users can then log on from any device using a supported web browser and connect to a variety of other databases and data sources, which may require additional drivers to be installed.

2. Client

One of the following is required for client-side devices, and a recent version is recommended:


  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge


  • iOS
  • Android - Android Chrome browser only

For a list of known browser limitations and their effect on the application, see Product Notes.

3. Server

Below are the hardware and software requirements for installing Dundas BI on your own server, computer, or cloud resource.


  • 1.5 GHz - minimum for evaluation or testing
  • 2.0 GHz - minimum for production use
  • x64 architecture (e.g., AMD64 or Intel 64)

At least two logical cores are required for in-memory storage.


  • 4 GB - minimum for evaluation or testing
  • 8 GB - minimum for production use
  • 16 GB - minimum for production use with in-memory analytics

Hard disk space:

  • 10 GB free - minimum for evaluation or testing
  • 50 GB free - minimum for production use

Operating systems:

The following 64-bit operating system versions are supported:

  • Windows 10 or higher - evaluation or gateway use only
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 or higher
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8 - features relying on Python may be unavailable
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
  • Debian 11

You can also deploy Dundas BI on other distributions using Docker and Kubernetes.

There are certain known limitations when running on Linux, including Docker and Kubernetes.

For installing a Dundas BI instance, Windows Core and Home editions are not supported, while Desktop operating systems such as Windows 10 are supported for evaluation use only because of limitations which make them unsuitable for production use.


  • .NET 6 - installed automatically for a Dundas BI instance

Web server:

Dundas BI instances are hosted on one of the following:

  • For Windows: IIS 8.5 or higher - installed automatically as a prerequisite
  • For Linux: a reverse proxy server such as NGINX - can be installed automatically

Application database server:

One of the following is used by an application instance to store its own data:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 or higher
  • Microsoft SQL Server Express Editions - supported but not recommended for production use due to limitations; Microsoft SQL Server Express LocalDB is not supported
  • Microsoft Azure SQL
  • PostgreSQL version 9.6 or higher

PostgreSQL can be installed automatically for evaluation purposes when deploying using the Express or internal database option on Windows or Kubernetes.

This can be on the same server or separate from the web server (the database server must be configured to accept remote connections if separate).

4. Data sources

You can connect to the following types of data sources, each of which may have additional (driver) requirements for the server or gateway as indicated below. Kubernetes and Docker deployments rely on Linux support.

The ODBC and JDBC data sources listed below allow you to connect to various other data sources that have ODBC/JDBC drivers. The Generic Web data provider can connect to various online data sources.

Data SourceWindows SupportLinux Support
Amazon Redshift Drivers included Drivers included
Azure Table / Azure Cosmos DB Drivers included Drivers included
dBase (DBF) database files Drivers included Drivers included
Exasol Drivers included Drivers included
Flat file sources Drivers included Drivers included
Generic Web (additional web data sources) Drivers included Drivers included
Google Analytics / BigQuery / Sheets Drivers included Drivers included
IBM DB2 database
Drivers included Drivers included
JDBC (additional data sources) Java SE Runtime Environment version 8 or above (x64) and the 64-bit JDBC driver for the specific data source 64-bit JDBC driver for the specific data source
MemSQL Drivers included Drivers included
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 prerequisite ODBC/JDBC only
Microsoft Dataverse
For Dynamics 365 Online
Drivers included Drivers included
Microsoft Excel Drivers included
(Microsoft Access Database Engine for legacy support)
Drivers included
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or higher
Including SQL Server Express, Azure SQL, Azure Synapse
Drivers included Drivers included
Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 or higher
Including tabular instances, Azure Analysis Services
Drivers included Not supported on Linux
MySQL 5.0.45 or higher Drivers included Drivers included
OData (Open Data Protocol) Drivers included Drivers included
ODBC (additional data sources) 64-bit ODBC driver for the specific data source 64-bit ODBC driver for the specific data source
Oracle database Drivers included Drivers included
Oracle 11g Essbase Drivers included Drivers included
Pardot Drivers included Drivers included
Drivers included Drivers included
Drivers included Drivers included
Drivers included Drivers included
SAP NetWeaver BW 7.0 or higher
Uses XMLA web service
Drivers included Drivers included
SharePoint Lists and Excel Services
Drivers included Drivers included (online credentials only)
Snowflake Drivers included Drivers included
Teradata 12.0 or higher .NET Data Provider for Teradata Install the Teradata driver
Vertica database
Drivers included ODBC/JDBC only
XML file Drivers included Drivers included

Additional details about installing and using drivers for certain data sources are available in the How-To section of the documentation on connecting to data.

5. Installation

The following requirements apply when installing a Dundas BI instance directly on your own servers.

5.1. For Windows

The Dundas BI deployment application checks if the following prerequisites are installed on the server and can automatically download and install any missing prerequisites (this requires an active internet connection).

If you need to install them manually, use the links below to access them. In the Prerequisites screen of the Deployment application, you can also click on the prerequisites and press F8 to download a list of URLs.

5.2. For Linux

Certain requirements are installed automatically when running the Dundas BI deployment wizard (this requires an active internet connection). You can install the following ones manually using the provided links:

5.3. Additional requirements

During installation, you may be asked for the following (unless you choose an Express installation option):

  • The user ID and password of an account that has db_create permissions on your SQL Server instance, or a usesuper account on PostgreSQL.

    After the installation, the SQL Server administrator will require only db_owner permissions. A PostgreSQL administrator will require the CanSelect, CanUpdate, CanInsert, and CanDelete table privileges, as well as the CanCreate database privilege.

  • When using a PostgreSQL database for application and warehouse storage, a PostgreSQL instance with the uuid-ossp extension installed (you will be notified if it is missing). This is part of the postgresql-contrib package.
  • For Windows installations, the user ID and password of an account to use for the IIS application pool.
  • A web server port for accessing the Dundas BI website (the installer may choose a default) or an existing website for installing Dundas BI as an IIS virtual directory (this can be the IIS 'Default Website').

6. See also

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