List of changes in version 7.0


This article provides a list of the issues fixed and new functionality added in Dundas BI.


Behavior changes

82916 The new Allow Automatic Cube Joins configuration setting must be enabled before users can use the auto-join feature for data cubes.

New functionality

78279 Enable sorting of DateTime columns and freeze headers when exporting repeater views.
83103 .NET Core 3.1 support for Dundas BI on Linux.

Fixed issues

82974 Fixed an error that could cause the Dundas BI application pool to shut down.


New functionality

82331 During installation, press F8 on the deployment application prerequisites screen to save a list of download links.
82621 New Connect Timeout setting to configure the connection timeout for the Exasol data connector.

Fixed issues

81610/82515 Fixed an issue that could prevent cell background colors and state style font colors from being exported to MS Excel.
81913 Fix for an issue that could occur when using the search field on a filter when using dependent filters.
82470 Fixed an issue that could cause the custom data expression for data connector overrides to be ignored.
82564 Fixed an issue that could cause scheduled notifications to be sent even after a job is cancelled.
82635 Fixed an issue that could cause views to display dates that were stored in UTC time to display in local time when viewed.
82833 Fixed an error that could occur when a user attempts to use the password provided in the password reset email.


Behavior changes

70361 The Relationships option has been removed from the context menu when a data cube is right-clicked in the Explore window. For more information about editing automatic joins instead of using predefined relationships see the Automatic joins and hierarchies article.
76886 Google Sheets data connector now uses the latest Google API.

REST and JavaScript API improvements as follows:

79180 REST and JavaScript APIs for data cubes have been refactored in other ways including removing some unnecessary methods.
79706 Date/time axes on charts will now only extend as far as needed for clusters of points such as bars when Round Minimum & Maximum is unchecked.
80637 Support for deprecated Non_Empty_Behavior has been removed from OLAP databases.

The FileUpload handler is no longer supported and the following REST and JavaScript API changes:

82278 The Allow UNC Data Sources configuration setting has been renamed to Allow External File-Based Data Sources.

New functionality

34927 New color scale legend to display the ranges of colors generated by color rules.
42912 New slicer comparison option to allow comparing measures with different filters.
43992 MDX placeholders are now saved when the placeholder dialog is submitted.
49830 Display slicer values as a tooltip.
51225 Use the new Menu component on dashboards to enable users to navigate through other views easily.
53228 Improvements to the auto-join algorithm to ensure a better experience when attempting to join unrelated tables.
56617 New option to choose where parameter values are placed when exporting to Microsoft Excel.
56679 New search field in the transform configuration dialog for data cubes to help find input elements easily.
57593 Support for natural language input.
57942 Detailed health check errors are now logged.
58064 A custom state group name is now not required when setting up states.
60636 When dropping a component on the canvas, it will always stay within the visible area.
61278 New Data token type to query the database at runtime.
62442 New indicator on the string transform to indicate the columns having string manipulations.
62217 Deploy Dundas BI on Linux.
63143 When rewiring a metric set, users can optionally replace formulas with a measure from the replacement data source.
65926 Now hide color rules from the legend when they have no matching data.
66008 Set up rounded borders and round data images.
66270 New IsAlive method to check if the Dundas BI website is running.
66606 Segregate warehouse databases and in-memory storage types by tenant.
67345 Export and import the admin configuration settings.
67653 Promotion of hierarchies when using data cube transforms are now preserved.
67715 The Collection option is now removed for placeholders with non-compatible data sources.
68445 Use a group when setting up notification recipients.
70327 View active sessions for a group.
70361 New way to view table relationships.
70550 Now use the hierarchy from the slicer when using a dynamic hierarchy.
70666 New median and mode aggregators.
70768 Improvements to the Jobs screen when displaying failed jobs.
70899 Define the space between the cells and the edge of the canvas when setting up a template grid.
70903 Hide expanders on a hierarchy when using a table.
70956 Slicer captions are now determined by the formula visualization's metric set in the view Parameters window.
71268 Improvements to make renaming a data cube element easier.
71321 Improved error message when the same hierarchy is used twice in a metric set.
71463 Custom totals calculations now support both rows and columns.
71655 Pasting data into the data input table is now discoverable from the context menu.
72108 Optimizations to enable the data cube to generate only a single query when joining more than one table from two separate databases residing on the same server.
72241 Connect to MySQL Server using caching_sha2_password authentication.
72347 The table name is now prefixed with the column name when joining tables in a data cube.
72379 New Job Failure Email Throttle Period configuration setting to manage the number of job failure emails.
72535 Additional information to provide more context to data driven notification jobs has been added.
72565 The default theme is now applied when revisualizing a column to bullet graphs and data bars.
73149 New Disable Formula For Expanded Members option to disable computations for expanded hierarchy members.
73152 New mouse Cursor property for customizing the cursor for row headers columns.
73332 New columns when added to a data cube are now unchecked by default.

New time dimension attributes are now available:

  • Day of month
  • Week of year
  • Quarter year
  • Day of calendar month
  • Fiscal week of year
  • Reporting week of year
73544 Improved error message when a fact table contains non-leaf elements.
73699 New Middle color option for auto color rules and new middle size option for auto size rules.

The following functions have been enhanced to support multiple hierarchy alignment:

  • Correlation
  • Cumulative Total
  • Normal Distribution
  • Percent of Total
  • Percent Rank
73902 Fonts are now relatively sized when using responsive mode dashboards.
74002 Admins can now promote user-created tokens to global tokens.
74008 New menu layer to allow using better navigation options when designing a dashboard for use in responsive mode.
74101 New icon to indicate which transforms are going to be taken in-memory for processing.
74215 Python scripts now run in an isolated process.
74351 Usability improvements on the Admin screens to allow double-clicking data grids to perform the most common actions.
74589 Set custom permissions for Notes.
74719 New option to only show settings that have been customized to allow admins to see which settings are configured.
74806 New optional parameter for the PERCENTILE function to specify the computation mode.
75064 Connecting view parameters to embedded views now works when the embedded view is switched if the script names match.
75559 Data bar & bullet graph columns can now automatically fill space in a table when the auto fit to fill property is enabled. 
76135 Specify the format when converting from DateTime to String when using a data conversion transform.
76161 New warning message that displays when a ragged hierarchy has too many levels.
76215 The user hierarchy folder is now removed when promoting a DateTime column.
76531 Use Collection Placeholders with non-SQL transforms
76803 Apply state styles and color rules to row headers.
76895 Set custom text to state styles for data labels.
77006 Formulas without dependency are now calculated last to use correct sorting.
77075 The description for SQL Select and Tabular Select transforms are now displayed in tooltips.
77137 View custom attribute conflicts when viewing custom attributes for an account’s session.
77140 The Edit Custom Attribute dialog now appears immediately after selecting a custom attribute to add an account or group.
77360 The script editor automatically connects to the script when a component with at least one script is selected.
77362 Usability improvements to certain transforms to allow displaying a placeholder list in the script editor.
77402 Improvements to the Administration user interface to improve usability.
77463 New getting started information about getting services/dundas.context is now available.
77479 Fewer loading indicators are now displayed when loading reports or scorecards.
77510 New API methods TokenQueryCount, /Token/Count/ and queryNumberOfTokens
77511 Improved system messages to ensure least impact on the user workflow.
77622 Build tenant warehouse using different schedule tasks.
77633 New toolbar item to navigate to the job details for any notification having a schedule.
77638 Set up link state styles when visualizing the hierarchical structure, or when the user has not assigned a hierarchy as the target.
77773 JobRunEventQuery/JobRunEventQueryCount and queryJobRunEvents/queryNumberOfJobRunEvents methods are now exposed in REST and JavaScript.
77821 New health check to find and fix duplicate relationships.
77822 Now disable or enable tenants.
77843 New setDoubleTabToZoom method to enable or disable double-tap-to-zoom when viewing, accessible using this.getService("CanvasService").canvas.
77871 Now select an image from resources in Properties when setting up an image component.

New configuration settings in the Licensing category:

  • CPU Core Per-Server Maximum - Allows specifying the maximum number of CPU cores which the application will use on a server.
  • CPU Core Selection Offset - Allows specifying the number of CPU cores to skip before selecting which ones to use.
78060 Set query isolation level option when using the DB2 connector.
78061 Support for extension methods on IEnumerable<> such as First() and FirstOrDefault() in DundasScript.
78273 Use raw keys instead of member unique names when setting up custom attributes for single level hierarchies.
78407 New heat map chart type.
78469 Relative positioned adapters now cause template cells to expand according to its dimensions.
78488 New dundas_webapp_tenantid cookie to identify the tenant.
78887 Parameter values with a full-range token now returns the actual start or end dates.
78987 New read-only Analysis Element Name field to display the underlying cube measure for any metric set measure.
79058 Now use Uri and UriBuilder .NET classes when writing DundasScript.
79160 New Identify Clusters recommendation for visualizations like scatter plots or bubble charts.
79186 New help link on the Output Element dialog.
79212 Improvements to the Dundas BI default theme.
79255 Automatically created Join transforms now generate a name automatically.
79364 User interface improvements to the States and Hierarchy level sorting overrides dialog.
79439 Improvements to the error logs to ensure that the errors appear at the top.
79441 Improvements to the spacing of grid of data field names and data types in Manual Selects to prevent data types from being cut off.
79506 User interface improvements to the Share and Notification setup dialogs.
79650 Usability improvements when dragging and dropping to the Data Analysis Panel.
79929 The administration configuration user interface now shows values of GUID settings without the user clicking edit.
79947 Set transaction isolation level for dirty reads when using SQL Server.
80329 Deploy Dundas BI on Linux.
80440/80441 Administrator users can now manage override files (CSS, JS, HTML), localization and extension files.
80609 Column headers in Microsoft Excel exports are now hidden when the Show column headers option is unchecked.
80743 New Disable Data Caching option for data cubes with a storage type ‘None’.
80774 Now embedding Dundas BI on a different domain than the hosting page is supported. Due to Safari’s cross-site tracking prevention, users must click the Enable Application button to enable the required cookies to access Dundas BI.
80919 New option to sort stacked bar charts.
81028 The performance tracking and usage samples have been updated.

REST API changes as follows:

81249 A right-click contextual menu is now available in the Admin configuration screens.
81476 New interquartile outliers (OUTIQ) function.
81936 New Enable Update Check configuration setting to enable the check for Dundas BI updates.

New REST API methods to manage tenant warehouse overrides:

Fixed issues

52860 Fixed an issue that could cause the tooltip to be hidden by the user’s finger when viewing on a touch screen device.
76500 When the Automatically Generate Column Names option is selected when configuring a Pivot transform, the list of columns generated are now greyed out to indicate that they are read-only.
77101 Fix to ensure that the Custom Total or Subtotal Text is being exported to excel when columns contain a hierarchy.
77352 Fix for an issue that could occur when using an image as the background in a state style for a table visualization.
77385 Fixed an issue that could cause horizontal scrolling to be reset when scrolling vertically while viewing a table visualization.
77396 Security fix related to the scheduler service.
77735 Fixed an issue that could cause the tooltip text for a dynamic measure to disappear when the tooltip text is modified.
77970 Fixed an issue that could cause the Show totals at the bottom property to not apply on a table visualization when using a Share notification to export to MS Excel.
78059 Fix for an issue that could cause a URL to get encoded when trying to set a hyperlink address to the keywords in a table visualization.
78214 Fixed an error that could occur when using linear brushes on a table visualization and then exporting to MS Excel.
78229 Improved the error message that appears when trying to create a period over period measure that is based on a formula that is referencing another period over period measure.
78444 Fixed an issue that could prevent the Navigate on click action to work properly if the URL is not shown in the data label.
78639 Fixed an issue that could delete the entire data connector when trying to delete a selected table using the File Explorer.
78776 Fix for an issue that could cause custom tooltip text to be replaced when the caption is modified.
79129 Fixed an issue that could cause notification schedules that are affected by day light saving to trigger incorrectly.
79161 Fix for an issue that could cause sort indicators to appear on all measure columns when only one column is sorted.
79347 Fixed an issue that could cause a selected checkbox in a filter to get deselected after an autosave.
79595 Fixed an issue that breaks a union transform when rewiring a data source.
79695 Fix to ensure that column widths are not included when saving a style.
79917 Fixed an issue that could prevent filtering column headers by the report or scorecard’s hierarchy.
79974 Fixed a data connector issue that could cause no columns to be discovered when using Amazon Redshift.
80000 Fixed an issue where the group header properties are ignored when the group header text contains a symbol character.
80054 Fix for an issue that could cause offsets for formulas to return unexpected results.
80061 Fixed an issue that could cause the Default Value selection in the Define Transform Parameter dialog to revert to Contains automatically.
80359 Fixed an error that could occur when using a hierarchy attribute as a member caption source.
80530 Fixed an issue that could cause the SUM and AVG formula to return an exception when the input is a Null.
80540 Fixed an error that could occur when using and editing dynamic elements in a metric set.
80599 Fix for an issue where all members are displayed when filtering only for leaf members on a ragged hierarchy.
80664 Fixed an issue that could cause a range bar chart to skip certain data points.
80896 Fixed an error that could occur when configuring Top/Bottom on a metric set when it is based on a formula measure using period over period analysis.
80941 Fixed an issue that could cause the SQL Select transform to modify the column names.
80986 Fix for an issue that could prevent a warehouse job from being canceled.
80999 Fixed an issue that could occur when using distinct count.
81120 Fixed a template cell issue that could cause unexpected results when attempting to modify the template cell height.
81202 Fix to improve the usability of the download button when exporting a project.
81220 Fixed an issue that could cause view parameters to lose their binding after a dashboard template is detached.
81379 Fixed an error that could occur when handling the 500 internal server error.
81387 Fix for an issue that could occur when searching for and deselecting members on a member filter when the All value is selected.
81484 Fixed an issue where a double data type column of data could return empty strings instead of Nulls.
81808 Dundas.BI.WebApi.CleanException now does not mention Dundas BI.
81998 Fix for an issue that could occur when attempting to define hierarchy attributes.
82059 Fixed a build error that could occur when attempting to build the warehouse database when using hierarchy attributes.
82066 Fixed an issue that could occur when calculating distinct count totals.
82143 Fix for an issue that may cause a user’s credentials to be exposed when working with Query logs from the Exasol data connector.

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