Add the Dundas BI SharePoint Web Part


1. Overview

The Dundas BI SharePoint Web Part lets your SharePoint users view and interact with available dashboards and reports from your Dundas BI server.

You install the Web Part on your SharePoint server after Dundas BI has already been installed.

2. Launch the Deployment application

Start the Dundas BI Deployment application on your SharePoint server.

Locate or search for Dundas BI Deployment in the Start menu, which is installed by the Dundas.BI.Setup program.

Launching the Deployment application
Launching the Deployment application

You can also locate and run Dundas.BI.Deployment.Application.exe in the folder where it was installed on the disk.

3. Add the SharePoint Web Part

In the Deployment application's main screen, click Extras to see the available SharePoint options.

Extras screen showing SharePoint options
Extras screen showing SharePoint options

Click Add SharePoint Web Part to begin the installation.

3.1. Prerequisites

The installation checks for prerequisites before it can proceed further. If your system meets all of the prerequisites, simply click Next to continue.

Prerequisites for SharePoint Web Part
Prerequisites for SharePoint Web Part

3.2. Select SharePoint Applications

Select the Deploy and Activate checkboxes for each SharePoint application you want to deploy the Web Part to, and then click Next.

Select SharePoint Applications
Select SharePoint Applications

3.3. Configure Web Part

Configure the Web Part by entering the URL for accessing your Dundas BI instance, and then click Next.

Configure Web Part
Configure Web Part

If your Dundas BI instance is installed on the same server as SharePoint, using a Dundas BI URL like http://localhost:8000/ may work.

3.4. Deployment Details

Review the details in the Deployment Details screen, and then click Deploy.

Deployment Details
Deployment Details

Wait while the Web Part is being added and deployed.

Web Part is being deployed
Web Part is being deployed

3.5. Adding SharePoint Web Part has Succeeded

The following screen is displayed when the installation has completed successfully.

Adding SharePoint Web Part has Succeeded
Adding SharePoint Web Part has Succeeded

You should now be able to add the Dundas BI SharePoint Web Part to your web pages in SharePoint.

Next stepUsing the Dundas BI SharePoint Web Part

4. Add mobile support (optional)

When SharePoint is viewed by a phone or tablet it displays a mobile view. For the mobile view to work with the SharePoint Web Part, a new file has to be created and added to the SharePoint application.

Locate the App_Browsers folder of the SharePoint web application. The location will resemble C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\80\App_Browsers.

Create a new text document in this folder with the following content:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <browser refID="default">
                                                <adapter controlType="Dundas.BI.Integration.SharePoint.WebPart.DundasBIViewerWebPart, Dundas.BI.Integration.SharePoint.WebPart, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=521861cc52c056d5"
                     adapterType="Dundas.BI.Integration.SharePoint.WebPart.DundasBIViewerWebPartMobileAdapter, Dundas.BI.Integration.SharePoint.MobileWebPartAdapter, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=521861cc52c056d5" />

Save the document and rename it to Dundas.browser.

5. See also

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