Replace '(Empty String)' text with empty value


1. Overview

When the string manipulation transform is used in the data cube, empty string values (but not null values) are replaced by the text (Empty string). This article shows how to replace this text.

2. Replacing '(Empty string)' text

The '(Empty string)' text can be replaced for the whole instance, which means that any dashboard in that instance which has a table cell with the '(Empty String)' text will be replaced. This can be done by changing the XML file with the core settings.

Language localization (XML) files are located under the App_Data\Localization folder of the Dundas BI Instance. By default, the folder path is:

C:\Program Files\Dundas Data Visualization Inc\Dundas BI\Instances\{InstanceName}\www\BIWebsite\App_Data\Localization\en\Dundas.core.xml

Open the Dundas.core.xml file as an administrator, to edit it.

Find the xml node key GS_ENT_HC_EmptyString.

Replace the '(Empty String)' text with <sp/>, or any other desired text.

Replace the (Empty string) text
Replace the (Empty string) text

Save the file.

Reset the IIS application pool and refresh the dashboard.

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