Replace '(Empty String)' text with empty value


1. Overview

When the string manipulation transform is used in the data cube, empty string values (but not null values) are replaced by the text (Empty string). This article shows how to customize this text.

2. Replacing '(Empty string)' text

The '(Empty string)' text can be replaced for the whole Dundas BI instance, which will affect all data containing an empty string. This can be done by using the localization functionality of Dundas BI.

  1. Access Administration from the main menu, expand Setup and then click Localization.

  2. Select the localization Dundas.Core and click Copy in the toolbar. Enter a Target Culture, such as en to override the built-in localization provided for English, then submit the dialog.

  3. Select the new Dundas.Core localization override and click Details in the toolbar.

  4. Change the <localization/> tag to have separate open and close tags: <localization ...> and </localization>. In the middle, add a new element:

    <string key="GS_ENT_HC_EmptyString"><sp/></string>

    This displays a space character to identify an empty string, or you can customize the text.

    Replace the (Empty string) text
    Replace the (Empty string) text

  5. Submit the dialog. Because of caching, you may need to recycle the application pool if you want to see the changes take effect immediately.

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