List of changes in version 10.0


This article provides a list of the issues fixed and new functionality added in Dundas BI.


Behavior changes

76876 Font properties set on filters/parameter controls or drop down list components now apply to the drop-downs/popups they display by default where in some cases they did not before. The Drop Down Style properties can be used to customize their styling to be different.
84019 The Microsoft Dynamics CRM data provider from previous versions is not available in version 10, but you can edit or create data connectors to use the new Microsoft Dataverse data provider to connect to Dynamics 365 online/in the cloud. Please see the upgrade notes for more information.
87205 Federated authentication using the OpenID Connect protocol requires configuration changes when using Azure Active Directory or when installing on Windows with a redirect/reply URI set up. With Dundas BI installed on Windows, if your identity provider required a redirect/reply URI, this was previously {Dundas BI Base URL}/AuthBridge/ and now must be changed to {Dundas BI Base URL}/AuthBridge/signin-oidc/{providerId} (e.g., with Id set to MyProvider in your Federation Manifest). For Azure Active Directory, the Federation Manifest should be updated to change the ProtocolId from OpenIdConnect to MicrosoftIdentity, and the Properties section now requires only tenantId, clientId, and clientSecret - this is needed for receiving group names during authentication and to prevent warnings in Dundas BI logs.
89191 The MySQL and MemSQL data providers use a different driver that is now included with Dundas BI and doesn't need to be installed. Some available settings in data connectors using these providers have changed.


Dundas BI now runs on .NET 6 everywhere. When installed on Windows, some formatting of numbers and dates/times may have changed because .NET now uses the same ICU formatting as on Linux by default, and standard number formatting rounds midpoint values to the nearest even number. You can use custom numeric formats such as 0,0.0 to round away from zero instead, or you can call Math.Round in a formula or calculated element, for example: Math.Round($Measure$, 1, MidpointRounding.AwayFromZero)  Custom extensions now need to target .NET Core or .NET 5+ as described in more detail in the upgrade notes.
91090 If you are using Npgsql directly from your own .NET code before starting the Dundas BI engine when using a PostgreSQL application database, you will currently need to set the Npgsql.EnableLegacyTimestampBehavior switch first.
91102 Calls to these REST API methods will need to be updated: GET /Export/Queued/ replaced by POST /Export/Queued/, POST /Session/CustomAttributes/{id}/ replaced by POST /Session/CustomAttributes/.
The following methods will continue to work but are deprecated: DELETE /Session/{id}/ in favor of POST /Session/Delete/, GET /Session/{id}/ in favor of POST /Session/GetSession/, POST /Session/IPAddress/{id}/ in favor of PUT /Session/IPAddress/, GET /Session/IsValid/ in favor of POST /Session/IsValid/, PUT /Session/KeepAlive/{id}/ in favor of POST /Session/KeepAlive/.
91252 Docker containers now follow your restart policy, for example from your docker run command or Compose file. You should set a restart policy when in production if the services should restart automatically in case of a failure or expected events such as loading extensions.
91549 Sorting of ragged hierarchy members may have changed in certain cases as a result of fixes to base sorting on the highest requested level.
91763 If any custom files have been placed in the BIWebsite folder but outside of the wwwroot subfolder for an installation on Windows, after upgrading to version 10 these files will not be accessible from web browsers until moved within the wwwroot folder or its subfolders. It is also recommended to use App Styling or Static Resources options for custom files instead - for details, see White labeling the application.

New functionality

53743 Right-click/long-tap referenced files directly from the References dialog to open them or access other options.
57373 Access References from the toolbar/context menu in administration for custom attributes and tokens to find files that reference them or accounts & groups with values assigned.
68711 Monthly schedules for notifications and data cubes can be set up for multiple days of each month by day of the month or by first/last number of days.
New Generic Web data provider can connect to various online data sources including web applications offering REST API services.
73128 A new option when sorting by a measure allows you to ignore hierarchy groupings and sort all rows independently without requiring a hierarchy containing unique values.
74114 The Quick Access Properties popup includes new options for changing horizontal text alignment and vertical alignment after clicking on an element containing text.
74253 Prevent browsers from embedding your Dundas BI instance on unwanted sites using the new Allowed Embedding Origins configuration setting.
74859 Right-click the Views or Programmatic Structures subfolders under a data connector to re-discover those structures in less time than for the entire data connector.
75926 Change the data provider used by an existing data connector when you need to switch to another type of driver or data source for accessing the same data structures.
76876 New options for customizing the appearance of drop downs & popups in filters and components.
79404 Administrators can click to download the logon history as a CSV file.
Dundas BI now runs on .NET 6 on all platforms, providing performance improvements and enabling new functionality.
79999 New health check DBI0225 finds user projects and files with a tenant ID that doesn't match the account's tenant.
80776 When exporting to Excel and including parameter values, parameters set to a time-based token are resolved to the actual dates in effect at the time of export.
82533 New Border and Background properties for Drop Down List components similar to existing properties for filters.
83248 New API methods /DataCube/ClearDataResultCache/{id}/ (REST) and clearDataResultCache (JS) to programmatically clear all cached data results for the specified data cube.
84019 The new Microsoft Dataverse data provider connects to cloud versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 using a new authentication method.
84291 Support added for installing Dundas BI directly to Debian 11.
85374 Support added for installing Dundas BI directly to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.
85675 When publishing through the API, the PublishItemResult class now directly contains properties TargetItemId and TargetItemName.
86035 New tenant setting External Application URI Override allows for different URLs to be used for tenants' users in emails, shared links, and federated authentication.
86974 Ability to configure Dundas BI to be accessed as a path under a site rather than the root on Linux and Docker deployments.
87205 Federated authentication when Dundas BI runs on Linux now supports group names as claim values from Azure Active Directory using the new MicrosoftIdentity protocol.
87746 Exporting to Excel now excludes columns that were hidden in a table visualization (this is separate from the Exclude From Data Export setting in the Data Analysis Panel).
88153 When using the REST API, the session ID can now be specified using an Authorization request header with the Bearer authentication scheme (e.g., Authorization: Bearer <session ID>) and this is recommended rather than using a URI parameter.
88213 When configuring an MDX Select in a data cube, use double-click as a shortcut when selecting measures and dimensions to add to the right.
88379 Emails notifying of a license limit being exceeded include a link to the seat usage page of the affected instance especially in case there are multiple Dundas BI instances.
89257 Existing tenant data connector overrides are now only overwritten when the Data Connector Settings advanced option is selected when importing a data connector.
89440 The location of installation log files is now indicated directly by the Deployment Wizard when deploying on Linux.
89520 Elements on dashboards and other views that contain input controls can be assigned a Tab Index in the Properties window to disable or customize tab order when necessary.
89593 You can now customize the level caption for time dimension hierarchies in the Formatting section.
89713 Scheduled notification job run details now display separate events for each delivery recipient to let you know its progress in case it's prevented from completing.
89868 New Helm chart property allows for accessing Dundas BI at a path under a site when deploying on Kubernetes.
89953 Distinct colors are populated by default when adding new discrete color rules for hierarchy values manually similar to those created automatically.
90050 New recommended option in the Re-Visualize menu to find and format potential outliers in charts using the OUTTAU formula.
90055 The new IHttpClientService can be accessed and used to obtain HttpClient instances in .NET 6+.
90086 The Azure Table / Azure Cosmos DB data provider has been updated to use the new Azure.Data.Tables library for up-to-date support.
90107 The [Level] keyword can now be used in text properties in sunburst and chord diagram visualizations similar to others.
90115 New Flatten JSON and Flatten XML transforms can be used in data cubes to turn JSON or XML text such as responses from web services into columns to analyze and visualize.
90136 The watermark shown for evaluation licenses now indicates the number of days remaining.
90187 A script editor interface is now provided when editing JavaScript resources in the App Styling administration page.
90192 A new extension manifest setting can specify assemblies that should be exempt from logging the message Error enumerating types from assembly... when they cannot be loaded.
90225 A new view ready jQuery event is raised on the SubCanvasViewContainer used to embed another view when the embedded view's ready event occurs.
90246 The Text Transform property is now available in the Properties window for the Menu component's items and item styles.
90255 Errors found in a localization are displayed to the user immediately when being added rather than only in the application logs.
90336 Dundas BI version numbers are displayed with different suffixes to distinguish them between the platforms on which they are installed (e.g., -w for Windows, -u for Linux).
90387 Use the new dt licenseActivation activate command with the dt command line tool to force a license refresh in case a new license is available in addition to initial license activation.
90388 A new Renew Activation toolbar option is available on the Licenses page when applicable to force a license refresh in case a new license is available.
90394 Logs now include query duration time for OLAP database sources when Query Audit is set to the Information level or higher in the Log Filter configuration setting.
90425 The Deployment Application and Deployment Console are now located in separate subfolders on Windows for compatibility with .NET 6.
90451 You can now drag a hierarchy to Measures multiple times to create multiple hierarchy count measures with different aggregators.
90540 Scrolling a table or chart now loads data from the cache in more cases than before if data caching has been bypassed or is outdated, until the next time the visualization is refreshed.
90649 New advanced settings added to JDBC data connectors to set a customized fetch size, for example to prevent all records from being loaded into memory at once for certain drivers.
90707 Ubuntu 20 is now used in Dundas Docker images.
90714 The performance of queries for distinct count over many records has been optimized against a single data provider when no totals are requested with no range member filtering set and with any member filtering below the provider-supported maximum.
90762 The Tenants page has been updated for better use of space and to omit unneeded text.
Keep Alive options have been added to the Oracle and PostgreSQL data providers. This can help when troubleshooting issues involving errors caused by connections terminated by firewalls, for example.
A Single Schema option has been added to the PostgreSQL and MySQL data providers to avoid prepending the initially discovered schema name into queries and allow tenant data connector overrides to access different databases for each tenant with the same data structures.
91697 Measure values calculated for a Missing Data Output Rule set to Average against date/time data will result in a straight line drawn between non-missing data on line charts even with irregular intervals between the dates.

Fixed issues

56806 Symbol color rules that were previously applied in certain cases are no longer applied for map symbols created using Symbol Size data assigned to shapes.
58571 Charts with hundreds or more values plotted along a categorical axis and zoomed in to view a subset no longer skip labels in cases where they may have before.
87294 Fixed the Grand Total Column Style not being applied to the rest of grand total columns when data is un-assigned from Column Header in the Data Analysis Panel.
89682 The main partitioned table is now discovered from PostgreSQL databases rather than separate partitions.
89721 Localizing the name of a built-in parameter token now takes effect also for parameters that were previously set.
89803 Fixed state styles not consistently taking precedence over total styles in table visualizations as expected when applying to the entire row or to row headers.
89950 Fixed a vertical scrollbar missing from table visualizations when up to half of the last row is cut off by a horizontal scrollbar.
89974 Avoided a potential but unconfirmed issue where an App Styling resource may not load correctly in certain cases.
90058 Queries from a Manual Select are now included in the application logs when the Log Filter's Query Audit is set to Information or higher.
90106 In report labels displaying view parameter values, spaces are now included between multiple values and the localizable text Excluding precedes them when using inverted selection.
90168 State styles in table visualization columns can now be reordered because in a table visualization this determines which takes precedence when two or more set the same property.
90172 Labels displaying the [TotalPages] value in reports viewed within the browser now append + when the final number of pages is not yet known.
90198 Fixed extra data point labels appearing in some cases for Line- or Area-based chart types when a marker is displayed because there is no neighboring data point.
90324 Fixed a vertical scrollbar that may be missing for a report viewed within a container component on another view after refreshing or updating its parameters.
90447 Fixed an unexpected error when accessing data from a table that uses the PostGIS extension for PostgreSQL.
90519 Fixed filter selections not being maintained when using the search box if the property option is selected to set the value immediately on change.
90538 Fixed cases where unexpected digits appear in chart or gauge axis/scale labels displaying values at certain fractional intervals.
90626 Fixed an issue where some visualizations may not have updated after changing a filter not connected to any repeated groups and then scrolling back up in a report, scorecard, or small multiple viewed directly from the browser.
90730 Fixed property settings on a chart axis' Rows no longer taking effect in view mode after no data or an error is returned.
90873 The selected measure is now still displayed as a dynamic measure's caption when no data is returned, applicable for example in a table visualization's column header.
91042 Fixed an error that could occur when displaying Boolean values from AWS Athena.
91043 Fixed an issue where basic measure filtering was not being applied before performing certain computations.
91084 Fixed issues where the chosen aggregator was not applied as expected when combining Week 53 of one year and Week 1 of the following into a single data point for plotting along a chart time axis.
91116 Support is now added for Pardot API v4. Use the advanced API Version setting in Pardot data connectors to choose.
91131 For current versions of Safari when viewing Dundas BI embedded on a page from a different domain, users can now click to enable Dundas BI and allow access to its own cookies for logon purposes without needing to disable cross-site tracking prevention.
91140 Custom hierarchy sorting settings now take effect for ragged hierarchy members with no children where they may not have before.
91202 Fixed measure captions to display according to the metric set settings rather than the data cube when transposed and no data is returned.
91233 Fixed an error that could prevent exporting to Excel for a view with a parameter linked to an adapter with no set parameter ID.
91268 Issues when using MySQL or MemSQL data and selecting Arabic values in filters have been resolved with new drivers used in this version.
91284 Fixed an error preventing replying to notes inside of a pop-up when the Use Accelerated Rendering advanced option is unchecked.
91307 Fixed an issue that could allow filters to unexpectedly list dates and times beyond the time dimension's set date range.
91315 Fixed unexpected errors appearing when clicking to reload extensions when Dundas BI runs on Linux.
91322 Fixed an error that could occur when trying to publish a file containing inactive subentry files such as metric sets that conflict with the target file.
91325 Fixed an issue where the delete button may not be visible for top/bottom overrides following long text in the custom hierarchy sorting dialog.
91380 Fixed incorrect aggregated values displayed for certain cases when using a Pivot transform.
91384 Addressed values not listed in filters according to users' custom attributes due to hierarchy caching when not using a security hierarchy in some cases where they were previously (a security hierarchy is recommended).
91404 ExportHelper JavaScript methods have been updated to fix an incorrect view being identified when passing a view in the options argument.
91434 Fixed an error that could occur when retrieving data in certain cases involving a left or right join and a parameter added to an upstream element.
91632 Fixed incorrect behavior and a JavaScript error occurring when editing a notification for a report, scorecard, or small multiple from a different page and editing its recipient parameter overrides.
91641 API calls to get hierarchy members now work as in some previous versions when passing a hierarchy file ID rather than a data cube ID with a member unique name obtained from a metric set where the hierarchy is in use.
91737 Fixed an issue preventing exporting a view's data to Excel that a user can access when a portion of it is from a container component for another view for which the user does not have read permission.
91832 Fixed incorrect distinct count values calculated for slicer comparison measures.
91838 Added missing guidance for redefining Join transform keys when necessary after an element is removed upstream.
91873 Fixed text from a table column state style not exporting to Excel when not set using keywords.

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