Dundas BI config file


1. Overview

This article describes the dbi.config file used to define the pieces needed to start the application. This is initially configured when deploying using the Dundas BI deployment application.

The file created is located within your installed instance folder at:

[Instance Folder]\www\BIWebsite\App_Data\dbi.config

2. Setting the application database connection string

The application database connection string can be found defined in the connectionStrings element:

    connectionString="Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=&quot;Dundas BI Instance1&quot;;User ID=DundasUser;Password=1234"

If this section is encrypted, it can be decrypted using the dt command line tool. For more information, see Using the dt command line tool.

2.1. Setting the application storage

To set the type of database to be used, the application storage key must be set in the dbi.config file. Below is an example of how this would look for when using SQL Server connections in Dundas BI:

<!-- The type of database server hosting the Application database. 
Can be "SqlServer" or "Postgres". -->
<add key="ApplicationStorage" value="SqlServer" />

3. Setting the temp data path

The temp data path is the path where any temporary application data is saved. If it is not set or set to empty string, the App_Data path is used. The following folders would exist under the folder defined by this setting:

  • BLOBFiles
  • Logs
  • TempLib
  • ViewThumbnails
  • FileDelivery
  • DownloadStaging
<!-- The path where any temporary application data is saved. 
If not set or set to empty string, the App_Data path is used.". -->
<add key="TempDataPath" value="" />

4. Recycle the application pool

For changes to this file to take effect, you need to recycle the application pool in IIS.

5. See also

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