Promote a report column to a hierarchy


1. Overview

This article shows you how to promote or replace a column with a predefined hierarchy in a report, scorecard, or small multiple.

2. Walkthrough

As an example, create a new report from the main menu.

Drag the ProductID column from the [Sales].[SalesOrderDetail] table to the report grouping area (drop data here...).

It will appear as a data label and create a corresponding header element in the report header region.

Initial report design
Initial report design

If you switch to View mode now, the report will display a list of product IDs, which isn't very useful.

To promote this column to a hierarchy, drag the Product hierarchy from the Explore window onto the ProductID repeater column in the grouping area.

Replace column with a hierarchy
Replace column with a hierarchy

You can also open the group metric set's Data Analysis Panel by clicking the cube icon to the left, where you can promote the hierarchy and access other options the same as for any other metric set.

Switch to View mode to see the report. Observe that the data label displays product names instead of IDs.

View the report
View the report

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