List of changes in version 9.0


This article provides a list of the issues fixed and new functionality added in Dundas BI.


Fixed issues

89857 Fixed an issue that could prevent some visualizations from appearing when exporting certain reports.
90117 Hierarchies from an OLAP cube can now be selected for a bridge parameter accepting hierarchy member values.
90276 The Pardot data provider has been updated to use new Pardot APIs after the old ones were retired.
90345 Fixed an issue that could prevent some columns from appearing in certain tables with many columns when scrolling horizontally.
90350 The Snowflake .NET Driver has been updated to version 1.2.8.
90357 Fixed an issue that could cause measure values to be missing when expanding both row and column hierarchy members while one of the hierarchies is collapsed.
90366 Fixed an error preventing the use of attributes from a security hierarchy.
90400 Fixed issues such as some values not appearing in filters when the hierarchy data was prepared using a Top/Bottom transform with grouping elements in a data cube. You may need to re-submit the transform configuration dialog for the changes to take effect for an existing transform.
90410 Fixed the incorrect selection of parameters when connecting a view parameter or filter and using the search box.
90430 Fixed an issue causing some radial gauges not to appear in some pages of reports, scorecards, or small multiples.
90475 Optimized some queries for data when left or right joining tables or structures but data from only one is used.
90496 Fixed the handling of requests that included the X-Forwarded-Proto header with a different capitalization.
90526 Fixed an error preventing the Edit HTML directly option from working when customizing a notification email message body after previously entering certain HTML such as comments.
90527 Fixed table styling included in the exported Excel file when set to be excluded in a notification's settings.
90633 Fixed an error that could occur in some cases when exporting data to Excel that has been collapsed.
90666 Fixed an issue that could cause data points to be missing from charts when using axes set to use the Logarithmic scale type in some cases.
90775 Fixed an error preventing the use of dynamic measures with OLAP cubes in certain cases.
90779 Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect values to be returned as first or last values in a custom total calculation when sorted by a time dimension.


Fixed issues

89331 Fixed an unexpected error related to loading a data cube that could occur on some instances for administrative actions such as running a health check.
89548 Fixed an error recorded in the logs that affected scheduled notifications created for a user that no longer exists from a custom accounts provider.
89719 Fixed incorrect results that could be provided by data cubes based on a Google Sheets data provider for certain transform and storage configurations.
89779 Fixed an issue affecting some tables exported to Excel when custom text has been set for a date/time column.
89853 Data result caches are now cleared for an OLAP cube when it is reprocessed.
89860 Fixed an error 'The network path was not found' occurring for a health check on some instances.
89873 Addressed issues that could result in an error for some instances running on Linux that prevented Dundas BI from starting.
89885 Fixed issues that could affect the Selected Items option in the dialog for exporting to Excel for a dashboard using a menu layer.
89909 Addressed an issue that could cause different Google Sheets workbooks to have the same data structure listed.
90036 Fixed an issue that could prevent the loadAndCreateShortLink method from correctly handling some passed parameter values when using the embed library.
90133 Fixed an issue preventing columns with wrapped cell text from resizing correctly in a flat table.
90144 Fixed an issue where the result of the FIRST function in formulas may not be the first row's measure value from the result in some cases.
90170 Fixed an incorrect font color displayed while typing into a textbox filter.
90237 Addressed errors preventing the use of COLLATE or TIMESTAMP_LTZ with a Snowflake data connector.


Please review the driver requirements listed for your data sources, as they may have changed.

Behavior changes

88791 When using an alignment hierarchy argument with the HISTOGRAM function in a new formula, the result now includes grouped count values for each of the hierarchy's values.
88918 An error message may display when data comes from a data cube containing a Tabular Select transform with Output Element parameters added if it connects to file data via UNC path or URL. These parameters were not supported in this case but were incorrectly available to add in previous versions and should be removed. If filtering is needed, you could upload the file to Dundas BI or use another filtering option such as a Filter transform instead.
89280 When using multi-tenancy, tenant administrators will no longer be able to access storage jobs for data cubes in a non-tenant project.

New functionality

41713 View the status and scheduling of each data cube's storage job from your profile.
49186 Maximize any visualization from its context menu when viewing a dashboard to fill the screen for a better look.
52300 Notes (annotations) and measure corrections (data annotations) can now be included when importing and exporting between Dundas BI instances.
Use the new Data Cubes page in Administration to build or schedule multiple cubes in sequence.
70133 Administrators can manage data cubes listed by project and name, and filtered by storage type and status.
76210 Item counts enabled for subtotals in tables are now included when exporting to Excel.
78042 Choose whether recipients are able to unsubscribe from notifications when addresses/accounts are added as recipients.
App styling and localization resources can now be included when importing and exporting between Dundas BI instances.
82990 The Hide Grand Total property for tables with indented row headers takes effect when exporting to Excel.
83028 Notifications can now be included when importing and exporting between Dundas BI instances.
83247 New configuration setting Enforce Recipient Account Exports ensures that all notification recipients receive content according to their individual file access and data security settings.
84797 Custom attributes associated with a tenant are now identified by a distinguishing icon in lists.
86465 Use color rules to change data labels according to their data, including when repeated in scorecards, reports, and small multiples.
86480 Sort by Name or Last Seen Time on the Servers page in Administration.
86481 Servers inactive as long as the new Inactive Server Metadata Lifetime configuration setting are automatically removed from the Servers page in Administration.
87140 Use the new Static Resources page in Administration to upload images, JavaScript, CSS, and other files you want to refer to.
87359 The new Maintainer Email Address configuration setting is available instead of using the built-in system administrator's account address for receiving alerts regarding job failures or license issues. This account is recommended to be disabled in configuration best practices.
87368 Administrators can set up storage on data cubes to automatically build all referenced cubes from the new Data Cubes page.
87440 A new Helm chart setting optionally allows for a different warehouse database connection string than for the application database.
87705 A new advanced option allows for checked out items to be included when exporting to another Dundas BI instance.
87913 DundasScript now supports the bitwise OR (|) operator.
87940 Bind to the export dialog's JavaScript event named dundas.controls.ExportDialogConstants.providerReadyEventName for easier customization of options.
88090 A new advanced option allows for publish history to be included when exporting to another Dundas BI instance.
88092 Existing empty databases are now supported when specified in connection strings in Helm charts.
88226 Cookies are no longer emitted before login.
88251 Some large file sizes have been reduced in Dundas BI instances running on Linux.
88302 SharePoint List and SharePoint Excel Services data providers are now supported when Dundas BI runs on Linux.
88309 Session details are no longer cached using session storage, to avoid unexpected persistence when reloading an embedded Dundas BI URL.
88591 Performance has been improved for exporting large data results to Excel.
88944 A new caching mechanism is used for CSS and JavaScript added to App Styling in Administration to optimize page loading and ensure changes are always reflected immediately.
88965 A new option /allowAnyIP applicable to the built-in administrator account has been added to the resetAdminPassword command in the dt tool for recovering from an incorrect IP address restriction.
89780 Queries to databases have been optimized when hierarchies are placed only on Slicers in the metric set.

Fixed issues

88050 Fixed an incorrect error message and missing log information when logging on is prevented according to a user's IP address.
88104 Fixed an incorrect error message displayed when loading a data connector with missing entity data, and importing/exporting it is now allowed to proceed.
88242 X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff is now included in HTTP responses by default.
88287 Fixed an issue where file explorers may reload their contents incorrectly after making changes to an item.
88476 Fixed incorrect formatting applied through the Format Override setting on tokens used with an implicit DateTime hierarchy.
88558 Fixed an issue preventing exporting to image or PDF for users with Execute but not Read access to items referenced by the view.
88614 Fixed states that were not recalculated in some cases after collapsing hierarchy members.
88658 Removed empty whitespace that could appear incorrectly outside of a view's canvas after zooming out while editing.
88665 Prevented GROUP BY and ORDER BY from being included in queries to data sources that don't support them.
88669 Fixed an error preventing column types with large maximum lengths from working with the data cube warehouse storage option.
88686 Fixed an issue that could prevent the String transform from being used with a column containing null values.
88747 Fixed formula metric set results in some cases when based on multiple copied or reused metric sets.
88791 Fixed an issue preventing histograms used in repeating views from calculating different data in each result.
88811 Fixed an issue affecting exporting to CSV or Excel when data contains zero with 18 or more decimal places.
88838 Fixed an error that prevented upgrading a Dundas BI instance containing schedules defined using certain previously unhandled time zones.
88991 Fixed layout issues in new and existing reports created while logged on with a culture that uses non-Letter paper sizes by default.
89141 Fixed an issue that could cause labels in some reports to not display view parameter values if not connected to the group metric set.
89222 Fixed an issue preventing some data from appearing in repeating views that use a dynamic hierarchy as a grouping hierarchy.
89366 Fixed an error that could be displayed when filtering or drilling down passes parameter values from a different hierarchy.
89367 Sticky headers now work again for dashboards set to use the Responsive resize mode.
89377 Fixed an issue preventing filter settings that use Chinese characters from being maintained when sharing as a link.
89379 Menu item backgrounds are now contained within the borders when they are set as rounded.
89389 Fixed an issue preventing custom sorting settings from working with some ragged hierarchies.
89405 Fixed an incorrect error message displayed when a stored procedure returns more than one column with the same name.
89423 Fixed errors that could occur for data from Azure Synapse when using the Microsoft SQL Server Database data provider.
89473 Fixed an issue affecting non-Gregorian time dimensions changed to use an open range boundary that could prevent loading and cause the server process to heavily consume resources or recycle.
89674 Fixed an issue that could prevent data from being filtered as expected when using the ExportHelper JavaScript method to export to CSV.
89699 Fixed an error reporting an unsupported null value that prevented certain data cubes from using warehouse storage. To correct an existing data cube, you may need to click or right-click the Calculated Element transform and any following Union transform and choose Refresh in the toolbar or context menu.

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