List of changes in version 8.0


This article provides a list of the issues fixed and new functionality added in Dundas BI.


Behavior changes

83378 The options and parameters for the REST method AddParallelSlicerMeasure and JS method addParallelSlicerMeasure have changed.
84467 Select (All) as the opposite axis member to sort by these total values even when they aren't displayed. Data is also now sorted by another member when a selected opposite axis member is filtered out.
84724 All calls to the REST API that result in an exception are now returned as JSON in cases where they may have previously been XML.
84807 On element statistics for a time hierarchy, the Minimum property has been renamed MinimumDate.
85195 When using federated authentication without deleteOtherSessions specified in the authentication URL query string, the Delete Other Sessions On Log On configuration setting is now used to determine whether sessions preventing logon from succeeding are deleted, which defaults to Delete (true).

New functionality

22552 New data provider for connecting to Azure Table storage and Azure Cosmos DB.
41447 Ability to display values from data in state indicators in text or tooltips.
48844 New 13 Period calendar available for time dimensions.
54307 New properties for automatically zooming a chart to the end of an axis or into a date range.
63259 Pop-up context menu options added for metric sets, data cubes, and cube perspectives.
69312 Incremental builds are no longer suggested for data cubes without data sources that support parameters as required.
75666 New option to anonymize the values of a hierarchy in a data cube.
76261 Application diagnostics now list duplicated assemblies loaded because of an extension.
76918 The configuration setting for writing application logs to a file is now supported when deployed on Linux.
77161 Support for the throw keyword in DundasScript for exceptions with more descriptive error messages.
77530 Improved support for deploying Dundas BI using Docker containers including images provided on Docker Hub.
78242 New health check detects and suggests when auto-creation of user projects should be disabled.
78798 New attribute token for filtering by user account e-mail address.
79329 Application diagnostics now indicate how much memory allocated to caches is in use.
79334 Month With Extra Week setting added to configure time dimensions using the Reporting (Marketing) calendar.
79366 New states are now named for you automatically based on your conditions if the name is left blank.
79397 Set Allowed IP Addresses on user accounts and groups.
79539 The current project selected on the main menu and on the home screen filter are now kept in sync.
79590 Improved support for DBF files used as a data source allowing for values containing accents.
79667 New health check detects and deletes notification jobs for notifications that have been removed.
79699 The IBM DB2 data provider is now supported when Dundas BI is deployed on Linux.
81050 Ability to format weeks by its week number within each reporting month rather than within the year for time dimensions using the Reporting (Marketing) calendar.
81559 Improved and expanded list of column statistics shown in Data Preview for data cube transforms.
81740 Data cubes generated when auto-joining data from existing data cubes now incorporate the supported aggregators that were selected.
81767 New helper methods for easier exporting of content using JavaScript for dashboards, reports, and other views.
82458 Chromium is no longer installed to support exporting content from views when deploying to Linux.
83191 The Command key on Macs now works when selecting multiple elements on the canvas of a dashboard or other view.
83378 Slicer comparison measures now support filtering multiple slicers at a time.
83554 Multiple item styles at the same item depth now act as a palette when using a menu component.
83592 Updates to the Web localization resource now take effect at the server immediately without recycling the application pool.
83674 The Deployment Wizard on Linux now displays its version number when it runs.
83734 New Cache Lifetime setting available on each data cube.
83917 Support for DBF files as a data source is now available when Dundas BI is deployed on Linux.
84018 Support for JDBC drivers in data connectors is now available when Dundas BI is deployed on Linux.
84020 The data provider is now supported when Dundas BI is deployed on Linux.
84097 Top & bottom overrides can be re-ordered instead of removing & re-adding them when customizing sorting on hierarchies.
84151 Call resetFireCount in script to reset a timer's fire count to zero.
84209 Exporting a table with hyperlink columns to Excel now includes clickable hyperlinks.
84231 Set up custom sorting on time dimension hierarchies to take effect in filters or by default in metric sets.
84233 Write integer literals in hexadecimal digits using the 0x prefix in DundasScript.
84241 Formula measures can now be selected when adding slicer comparison measures to compare its values against different slicer values.
84425 Application privileges are now categorized by type.
84522 New option when updating the notification content of an existing notification to update the previous parameter values, otherwise the originals are preserved.
84552 New Maximum/Minimum Relative Font Size properties when using the responsive font sizing option on responsive dashboards.
84575 Set the current value using tokens when using a play axis filter and optionally show its token menu.
84581 Usability improvements when selecting tokens from filters set to use the project's default time dimension.
84622 New option Not Equal To available as the operator when adding state conditions for customizing the appearance of certain data.
84669 A sheet containing warnings is now included when exporting to Excel if a limitation applies such as too many rows/columns.
84714 Usability improvements when upgrading Dundas BI and choosing whether to allow the existing license to be updated automatically.
84728 New health check verifies that the application database matches the expected schema.
84742 Ability to access application diagnostics from the federated authentication bridge web application.
84752 New optimizations make every page load faster.
84952 New option in administration to filter jobs by Last Run Result.
85057 Added support for version 8 of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
85413 New APIs for refreshing information for existing accounts from Active Directory on IAccountService (.NET) and /Account/ (REST).
85636 New licensing option to allow multi-tenant instances according to a maximum number of tenants.
85650 State indicators now display annotations/notes added to its data.
85752 Deploy Dundas BI to Kubernetes with Helm charts.

Fixed issues

66195 A warning is now displayed when exporting a user project without its account since the account is required when importing.
78237 Fixed an issue where a smaller range of data than expected is displayed by default when importing certain Excel files but other options can be found in the Explore window.
80236 Legends no longer list a chart series with no label when all series values are filtered out.
82536 User accounts are no longer locked out after changing or resetting the password.
82581 Fixed an issue that could cause the Unused Warehouse Tables health check fix to fail and leave unused tables if there was a timeout error.
82940 Fixed a missing notification from the Deployment Application when a restart is required after installing the .NET Framework prerequisite.
83514 Fixed an issue that could prevent a hierarchy from being renamed in a data cube's output elements.
83938 Fixed an issue that could prevent new columns from being discovered added after originally connecting to SharePoint Excel Services.
84148 Fixed an issue with date trimming functions affecting hour and minute levels when connecting to MemSQL.
84167 The Dundas embed library file is now included when deploying on Linux.
84482 The web.config file in the Dundas BI web application now includes a section specifying default maximum request length settings for data connectors for easier configuration.
84547 Fixed an issue that could cause group header text in tables to be shifted upwards and cut off in certain cases.
84559 Fixed an issue that could prevent data from being exported correctly to Excel with styles excluded or to CSV when some data is excluded from data export.
84608 Fixed an issue preventing a ragged hierarchy's values from being sorted correctly when set to show Leaf Members and the top or bottom measure values.
84665 Fixed dynamic hierarchies not listed in the popup suggestions when typing into the formula bar.
84698 Fixed an issue that could prevent a hierarchy from being sorted according to a custom member property in some cases.
84724 Fixed incorrect errors and XML formatting returned in response to requesting content as XML from the REST API.
85139 Fixed an unclear error message displayed when automatically creating accounts without enough floating seats.
85210 Fixed an issue that could prevent some members from being listed in filters from Google Analytics data.
85249 Fixed an issue that could prevent exporting animated content from completing.
85461 Arrows positioned in the middle of curved links on relationship diagrams are now displayed correctly following changes in newer versions of Chrome and Edge browsers.
85578 Fixed an error when selecting the option to back up existing databases when deploying or upgrading an instance using certain editions of Microsoft SQL Server.
85600 Fixed an issue that could cause filters to be incorrectly blank in certain cases when using custom attributes with a security hierarchy.
85655 Fixed an issue that may cause the last logon time not to update for a tenant member account assigned a floating seat.
85656 Addressed an issue where date columns in a flat table were not exported to Excel as sortable dates.
85905 Fixed inconsistent spacing that could be displayed left of column headers compared with the rows in  flat tables in reports, scorecards, and small multiples.
85980 Fixed an issue where not all rows were imported from certain Excel files created outside of Excel.
86023 Prevented an issue affecting extensions that access context.Session resulting in an unexpected error when using federated authentication.
86122 Fixed an issue preventing errors from being logged when dropping old warehoused data from Dundas BI's warehouse database.
86151 Fixed an issue that could cause data points to be left out of a chart incorrectly when using a dynamic hierarchy with a large number of data points.
86173 Fixed an issue that could result in no data displayed in certain formula visualizations when using the invert option on a filter.
86198 Improved the compatibility of some web fonts specified in Font Family properties when exporting tables to Excel and preserving its styling.
86257 Fixed an issue that could cause headers to be out of alignment and values unexpectedly missing in some cases when exporting to Excel with measures set as hidden when re-visualizing.

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