List of changes in version 11.0


This article provides a list of the issues fixed and new functionality added in Dundas BI.


Behavior changes

81276 In the .NET API, the return type of ICustomAttributeService.GetCustomAttributeReferences has changed.
82336 Installation of Python is now optional if you are not using the metric set Assistant or Python transforms.
88342 In the .NET API, CreateEngineOptions.HostIdentifier is now obsolete: use CreateEngineOptions.HostOptions.HostIdentifier instead when starting the engine.
92263 The Percentile formula function now always uses the direct computation method option, which ensures the specified percentage of values always fall below the returned value.
92324 Email addresses are now validated when entered before saving them for accounts or configuration settings. It is possible that some addresses will no longer be accepted that were previously.
92757 Support for the SAML 2.0 protocol is now always installed with Dundas BI by default like other federated authentication protocols and does not require any additional steps or installations.
92938 Session IDs that you pass in a REST API request authorization header now take precedence over a session ID persisted via a cookie.
N/A Internet Explorer is no longer a supported web browser. For more details, see the release notes for version 10 or the product notes.

New functionality

42875 Ability for an administrator to impersonate a user.
47469 Reports can now be exported to PowerPoint and Image with a slide/image for each page.
50125 New Slide Size option when exporting views to PowerPoint (does not apply to a report's pages).
50152 Notification emails can now include a direct link back to the view that is seen in the attached file, available from the right-click menu for the message body.
52883 New option in the file security dialog to replace any explicitly set privileges on contained files and folders so that they inherit instead.
58898 Usability improvements for the Schedule Rule dialog when setting recurrence start/end time.
68775 You will now be notified in the Email Recipient dialog when a selected account has no e-mail address set.
Developer users can now add or upload JavaScript as Code Library files to projects and add them to dashboards and other views to refer to in scripts.
70969 On the Jobs page in Administration, you can now search by job description (e.g., data cube name).
71142 You can now right-click a folder to publish its contents like for projects and individual files.
76884 Next Run Date column added to the Jobs page in Administration.
79149 You can now remove the schedule in addition to disabling it when editing storage options for a data cube that is checked in.
79163 Line charts with multiple series with dates that do not match can now display as connected by default when based on a single metric set and using the Connect Gaps property options.
79721 New configuration setting Disable Click To Check Out in Administration that prevents automatic check out when clicking within a file editor that is grayed out.
80474 Images shown in a table visualization column can now be included when exporting to Excel using the new option Add Data Images To File.
81276 The GetCustomAttributeReferences API method in .NET, REST, and JS can now return sessions that are using the specified custom attribute in addition to accounts and files.
81490 The list and diagram of relationships between data structures such as tables have increased in size in the Relationships dialog available from the right-click menu.
81544 A search field has been added to the Open dialog used to select a cube when assigning a custom attribute value.
81598 Administrators can now access an account's recycle bin and recover files.
81703 When exporting through custom script or code, the isExport parameter is now set in the URL automatically if not already set.
82045 The default recovery options for the Dundas BI scheduler service on Windows have been improved in case of a failure.
83363 The deployment wizard on Linux will now display the location of the instance's files on the Review Details step before it is added.
84175 The user name is now included in the error message shown when they have insufficient privileges for a file.
85371 Compatible versions of Linux are now displayed directly when installation/deployment cannot proceed on an unsupported version.
A Single Schema option has been added to the Amazon Redshift and Oracle data providers to avoid prepending the initially discovered schema name into queries and allow tenant data connector overrides to access different databases for each tenant with the same data structures.
86606 Select transforms now have a Select Structure parameter type available for switching between different tables with the same column structure.
87397 The dundas-bi-setup Docker image can now be used to add the usage tracking and performance samples to an instance.
87407 Previous reverse proxy configurations will now be detected and updated automatically when re-adding the federated authentication module to an instance.
87726 The number of tiles shown in the Tile Navigation component and in Recently Viewed in the main menu's Open dialog can now be configured by administrators with the setting Most Recently Used Entries List Maximum Size.
87734 Added support for an optional low-latency RabbitMQ service for communicating updates more quickly between farm/cluster instances. Available for Kubernetes by enabling it in the Helm chart; or, set the Custom Broadcast Provider configuration setting and then the RabbitMQ Connection String (e.g., HostName=;VirtualHost=;Exchange=;UserName=;Port=;) and Password for an existing dedicated fanout exchange and dedicated exchange user.
88076 Sidecar and init containers can now be added to Kubernetes deployments through Helm chart configuration.
88342 Extensions can now specify their purpose in their manifest file within the element <setting name="ExtensionPurposes">, and the Dundas BI engine can specify which types of extensions to load in different scenarios using the CreateEngineOptions.HostOptions.ExtensionPurposes property.
88356 Dundas BI is now a progressive web app (PWA) that can be installed on devices and launched more like native apps.
88990 Job run details for data cube sequence jobs now display separate messages identifying each data cube as it's built.
89545 Security hierarchy settings configured in the elements of a data cube's Process Result are now maintained when its input transform disconnected and reconnected.
90438 The version of Chromium Embedded Framework used when exporting content to images and PDF has been updated to version 100.
90441 You can now specify pod disruption budgets in the Helm chart configuration for Kubernetes deployments.
90685 A search field has been added to the Data Cubes dialog accessed from your profile and the Data Cubes page in Administration.
90765 Set the caption for a federated authentication provider to "-" if a button should not be provided on the logon screen, for example because of automated integration.
90785 The delimiter character used in CSV file exports of data can now be changed.
90998 Warnings and performance statistics are now displayed for all metric sets used in a single visualization when there are multiple.
91183 Quickly expand all values in an upper hierarchy level by choosing Expand To Next Level from the right-click Change Level menu.
91190 The deployment wizard on Linux will now display the current Dundas BI version of each instance in the list of options when upgrading an instance.
91216 All data is skipped when exporting data from a chart to Excel with styling preserved if all series are currently hidden.
91374 Some available settings for PostgreSQL databases have been removed corresponding with updates to the Npgsql library used for this data provider in data connectors.
91518 You are now prevented from entering the same port number for both the Dundas BI website and the reverse proxy when using the Dundas BI deployment wizard.
91594 Measure formatting specified in an OLAP database and not within Dundas BI is now preserved as number formatting when exported to Excel.
91597 You can now choose to skip headers when exporting data to Excel or CSV.
91612 Dundas BI is now identified by default in the metadata of exported files, such as details shown in the file's properties in your operating system or in an image's EXIF data. This is configurable using the existing setting Creator Metadata Text in Administration.
91740 Optionally include an image of the entire dashboard when exporting to Excel.
91755 An update has been made to how Dundas BI uses the document.domain DOM property to ensure compatibility with future versions of browsers such as Chrome.
91775 The unique name for a hierarchy's All member can be viewed in a tooltip in filter/parameter controls like for other members when needed.
91833 When running the health check using the option to fix errors, health checks are prevented from running elsewhere simultaneously to avoid the possibility of any issues.
91856 A new health check DBI0045 has been added to verify that the Internal Application URL configuration setting is set correctly.
91953 The version of jQuery included with and used by Dundas BI has been updated to 3.6.0.
92042 A Dundas BI Gateway can now be used with your own Dundas BI installation or containers in the cloud to access on-premise data sources.
92144 Failure thresholds have been set on Dundas BI services on Linux to prevent excessive systemd log entries.
92211 Unchecking the Show Redundant Column Headers on a table visualization is now replicated when exporting its data to Excel.
92215 A search field has been added to the Active Logons and Logon History pages in Administration to allow you to search for sessions by identifying details such as session or account ID or IP address.
92256 Start and end date filters have been added to the Logs page in Administration, which also take effect when downloading the logs to CSV.
92286 Python version 3.9 is now used when Dundas BI is installed on Windows.
92309 When a new user registers on the logon page, the configuration setting Account Registration Email Address in Administration can optionally be used to send notification emails to a different address than the Maintainer Email Address or built-in administrator account email address.
92319 The metric set's natural language Assistant is more flexible with the wording used to start using a data cube.
92443 The dundas-bi-setup Docker image size has been optimized.
92490 The .NET data contract classes in the Dundas.BI.WebApi.Models namespace that can be used for convenience when using the Dundas BI REST API have been moved to a separate assembly named Dundas.BI.WebApiCore, so that you can reference it separately without the ASP.NET runtime.
92718 Support has been improved for certain combinations of state style settings in table visualizations when exporting to Excel with styling preserved.
92753 One-time session tokens are now available as an alternative to logon tokens when the session needs to be created through the API and customized ahead of time.
92828 A newer version of autoscaling is now used by the Helm chart provided for Kubernetes deployments as the previous version is being deprecated.
92895 Optionally use Docker images with tags ending with -slim for a smaller image size if support is not needed for Python, the metric set's natural language Assistant, ODBC, JDBC, or IBM Db2. Support for exporting content is also excluded from the -slim image but included in -slim-export.
93008 SSL client certificates can now be set up separately in each PostgreSQL data connector.
93224 A new argument is available to set the administrator email address when using unattended setup of Dundas BI application and warehouse databases with the dundas-bi-setup Docker image.

Fixed issues

80291 Addressed an issue where data was not filtered as expected for certain token settings in a filter transform for data displayed using a time dimension hierarchy.
87484 Fixed a dialog's description incorrectly suggesting that multiple accounts could be selected when associating a token with an account.
88934 Addressed a file's updated description and tags not being included when re-publishing. 
89541 Fixed an issue that could prevent data from showing correctly from an Excel file containing multiple columns with the same name.
89585 An error has been prevented from occurring in some cases when trying to connect to data using a Dundas BI gateway immediately after it was configured.
89619 Fixed an issue that could cause data point labels in charts to rotate incorrectly when set not to rotate if other labels are present that are rotated.
91160 Fixed an issue that could cause rotated column headers in table visualizations not to be aligned correctly when the dashboard's re-size mode is set to Scale.
91590 Addressed an issue where the menu component may scroll unexpectedly when hovering over a menu item after expanding.
91892 Fixed an issue that could cause the borders of small rectangles to remain visible in treemaps for existing values that have changed to zero.
92300 The metric set's natural language Assistant is now supported when Dundas BI is running directly on Debian.
92352 Fixed a description incorrectly shown in some cases when editing a tenant that suggested the tenant would use seats from the global pool of seats.
92383 Addressed an issue where the loading of a view embedded inside another view could be permanently interrupted when a user's custom script causes an error to occur within the handler of one of Dundas BI's events.
92444 The error message displayed when a metric set relies on a data cube element that can no longer be found has been updated to name the missing element.
92536 Fixed an error message unexpectedly displayed when using dependent filters and one is set to (none).
92582 Fixed an issue that could prevent interactions from being set up correctly for visualizations with multiple metric sets.
92599 Addressed an issue causing the provider ready event not to fire for reports when exporting to PDF.
92637 Fixed an issue that could cause rendering delays and too many axis intervals displayed during chart animations when there are large changes in the ranges of values.
92677 Fixed an issue affecting data point labels in charts where they can be initially misplaced if the animation can't transition smoothly.
92697 Fixed the error message displayed when trying to register for Dundas BI without an account name through the API.
92776 Addressed cases where hierarchy member unique names may be displayed in filters unexpectedly when set to a value that came from an incompatible time dimension hierarchy.
92898 Fixed an issue that could cause publishing to unexpectedly take a long time and possibly result in errors in certain cases.
92917 Fixed an issue that would result in an error in certain cases involving filtering user-defined hierarchies placed on Slicers.
92946 Fixed an issue when using in-memory data cube storage that could result in dependent filters not displaying values correctly.
93045 Fixed an error reporting files not checked out to the caller that were displayed incorrectly and prevented publishing in some cases.
93125 The performance of the health check DBI0225 for tenant user projects has been improved for some cases.
93157 Fixed an issue preventing color rules and state styles from applying correctly in word clouds depending on the order of the hierarchies in the metric set.
93167 Fixed an issue that could prevent Custom Text set on a column in a table visualization from being exported correctly to Excel.
93168 Fixed an issue that could cause null values to be overwritten by another column's values when a chart is exported to Excel with the option to preserve its styling.
93258 Fixed an issue where upgrading a Dundas BI instance may not complete in some cases where the Signing Certificate configuration setting has been set.
93263 Addressed an issue where Dundas BI may not run after installation when certain required Windows features are missing.
93278 Fixed an issue that could cause styling in Excel exports not to match the table visualization with certain combinations of state styles and alternating row styles.
93288 Fixed an issue where buttons may not work in the Import or Export wizards in Administration in some cases and for some window sizes.

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