Log on to Dundas BI


1. Overview

Since Dundas BI is web-based, all you need is a web browser to get started. Just navigate to the Dundas BI website address and log on with your account information.

Depending on how Dundas BI has been installed or hosted, the URL could look like any of the following:

  • https://servername/
  • http://servername:8000/
  • https://servername.example.com/

If you're logged onto a server computer where Dundas BI was installed, you can also launch the Dundas BI instance from the Start menu.

2. Dundas BI Log On screen

When you navigate to the URL for Dundas BI, you should see the Log On screen.

Dundas BI Log On screen
Dundas BI Log On screen

To log on, enter your Logon Name and Password, and then click the Submit button.

If you have just installed Dundas BI yourself, the default logon name is admin and the password is the one that you specified during the installation procedure.

You can also register for a new account as shown below, or contact your Dundas BI administrator to obtain a logon name and initial password if you do not have one.

2.1. Log on using Windows or another provider

Different logon options may appear if your Dundas BI instance was configured to use another identity provider.

In this case, click the corresponding button instead, such as Log on with Windows for Windows authentication.

Log on using Windows
Log on using Windows

If you are using Windows authentication, an alternative is to specify your domain-qualified Windows user name in the Logon Name field. Depending on the Windows user name format indicated by your Dundas BI administrator, you may use either the default NT4 format (DOMAIN\UserName) or the User Principal Name (UserName@Domain.com).

3. Register for a new account

If you don't have a Dundas BI user account, you can register for one by clicking the Register button in the top-right corner. You'll be able to log on after your Dundas BI administrator approves the request.

Click Register to get a new account
Click Register to get a new account

In the Register New Account screen, enter the following information:

  • your email address
  • an account name, which you will use to log on with (can be the same as your email address)
  • a display name (which is visible to other users)
  • an optional message for the administrator to read when seeing your account request

Register New Account screen
Register New Account screen

4. Reset your password

If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot Password link in the Log On screen.

Forgot Password link
Forgot Password link

In the Forgot My Password screen, enter your Account Name and then click Submit. You'll receive an email with instructions for resetting your password.

Forgot My Password screen
Forgot My Password screen

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