Add a change layer action on ready event


1. Overview

You can set up an interaction to show/hide some content on your dashboard or other view when any element is clicked, for example a button or image. This common interaction type (also sometimes called Change Layer) is available from the toolbar and context menu.

To perform this same action but when a different event occurs, you can set it up from the Properties window. The view itself has its own events such as Ready, allowing you to show or hide elements once a dashboard has completely finished loading, for example. Similarly, you can add the action to Before Export to hide content that should not appear when exporting as an image or PDF.

2. Adding a show/hide action

Open the Properties window while editing your dashboard or other view. If you have selected an element and its properties appear instead of the view's, click an empty area of the canvas to de-select the element.

Under Actions expand the Ready event, then click the menu button to choose the type of action you want to add.

Click to choose a Ready action
Click to choose a Ready action

Select Show/Hide in the menu. (This may also be called Change Layer if using a previous version.)

Choose Show/Hide
Choose Show/Hide

The show/hide action is added. Click the action in order to configure it.

A change layer action is added
A change layer action is added

If you added elements to show or hide to a separate layer, you can select to show or hide the entire layer.

Alternatively, click to expand Controls and select individual elements to show or hide.

3. See also

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