Connecting to Microsoft Dataverse


1. Overview

This article describes how to enable connections to Microsoft Dynamics 365 from the Microsoft Dataverse data provider in Dundas BI version 10 and above.

The Microsoft Dataverse data provider can connect to cloud versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365. For on-premise versions of Dynamics, it is currently recommended to use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM data provider in Dundas BI version 9 or earlier.

Main article: Connect to data and view it on a dashboard

2. Register an Azure AD application

Dundas BI and its Dataverse data provider will need to be registered as an Azure Active Directory application to enable access to your Dynamics data.

  • From the Azure Portal, navigate to Azure Active Directory and add a new app registration for Dundas BI. Take note of the client ID displayed on the overview page of the new app registration.
  • Configure the API permissions to add a new app permission for Dynamics, choosing delegated permissions and user_impersonation.
  • Configure the Certificates & secrets to add a new client secret, making sure to copy the created client secret value and save it as you will not be able to view it again.

You can follow a more detailed walkthrough in the Azure application registration section of the article Use single-tenant server-to-server authentication for Microsoft Dataverse in Microsoft Docs.

3. Add an application user to Dynamics

As described in the article linked to above, the next step is to add an application user to your Dynamics environment that will access data on behalf of the Azure AD app you just registered.

For more details, see Manage application users in the Power Platform admin center.

4. Data connector settings

After setting up an Azure app as described in the sections above, create a data connector and set Data Provider to Microsoft Dataverse.

If you have an existing data connector that used the previous Microsoft Dynamics CRM data provider, you can also edit it and click to change it to the new data provider as detailed below.

New data connector
New data connector

Set the Service URL to your Microsoft Dynamics URL (e.g.,

Enter the Client ID and Client Secret obtained for your Azure AD app.

4.1. Upgrading from previous versions

If you connected to Microsoft Dynamics in Dundas BI version 9 or earlier, you likely used the Microsoft Dynamics CRM data provider. This data provider is not supported on .NET 6 and does not support the authentication protocols Microsoft will require as of April 2022 for connecting to Dynamics 365 online/in the cloud. After upgrading to version 10 or later, you will need to update your data connector before you can use it to access data.

Open your data connector from the main menu or an Explore window.

Click to change to the new data provider
Click to change to the new data provider

A message will explain that the current data provider cannot be found.

Click Change Data Provider..., and then you can change the settings described above beginning with Data Provider.

5. See also

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