MDX Select


The MDX Select transform is created when a cube from an OLAP database (e.g., Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services) is dragged onto the canvas from its data connector.

1. Input

You configure an MDX Select transform to select specific measures and dimensions to return a table of data. This tabular result becomes an input to your data cube in Dundas BI.

2. Add the transform

Expand the data connector in the Data Connectors folder in the Explore window, then drag one of its cubes to the canvas.

Adding the MDX Select transform
Adding the MDX Select transform

Configure the transform by selecting the transform and clicking Configure in the toolbar.

Opening the Configuration dialog
Opening the Configuration dialog

3. Configure

To configure the MDX Select transform, drag and drop the measures and dimensions to the right pane.

For a dimension hierarchy, only one hierarchy level can be selected. Use the Hierarchy Level Display Property drop-down to indicate whether you want the captions (display values) or the unique names (keys) of the hierarchy's members.

Drag and drop measures and dimensions
Drag and drop measures and dimensions

Click the submit button at the bottom of the dialog when finished.

4. Output

Open the Data Preview window to view the output.

Sample output
Sample output

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