Logon history


1. Overview

This article shows you how to view the logon history in Dundas BI.

2. View the list of logons

To view the entire logon history, first expand the Account Service section in the Admin screen. Then click Logon History.

For each logon record, you can see the corresponding account name, IP address, start time, end time, and end reason.

Logon history
Logon history

If you want to filter the logon history by a specific account ID, you can add it directly to the URL with the following format: [Dundas BI Instance]/admin/LogonHistory?accountId=[Guid]. Alternatively, open the account details and click Log on history.

2.1. Available actions

  • Click the information icon next to any logon record for additional information, such as the session ID, seat type, and seat mode.

    Logon history details
    Logon history details

  • Click the account details icon next to any logon record to open the Account Details panel for this user.

    Account details
    Account details

  • Click the session details icon next to any active session record to open the Session Details panel for this session.

    Session details
    Session details

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