Perform a health check using the command line


1. Overview

This article shows you how to perform a health check on the Dundas BI application from a command line, rather than using the Health Check UI.

2. Perform a health check using dt

The dt command line tool is a utility included with Dundas BI which can be used to perform various administration and configuration tasks.

The healthCheck command checks the Dundas BI application and its databases for any errors or inconsistencies. The output from dt is color-coded to indicate the severity of items found. There is also an option to fix any errors that are detected.

2.1. View the help page for healthCheck

On the server where Dundas BI is installed, open a command prompt or terminal and navigate to the tools folder. For details, see Using the dt command line tool.

Type dt help healthCheck (or ./ help healthCheck on Linux) to get the help page for this command. For example:

C:\Program Files\Dundas Data Visualization Inc\Dundas BI\Instances\Instance1\tools>dt help healthCheck

Dundas BI Tools version
Copyright (c) 2017 Dundas Data Visualization Inc. All rights reserved.

Performs an application health check.

dt healthCheck [/appcs:<application database connection string>] [/appStorage:<application database server type>] [/checksToRun:<checks to run>] [/checksToIgnore:<checks to ignore>] [/fixErrors] 

<application database connection string> – The application database connection string. The argument is optional. 
<application database server type> – The application database server type. If not specified, the value will be taken from the dbi.config file located in the App_Data folder specified in the dt.exe.config file. The argument is optional. Valid values: "SqlServer", "Postgres".
<checks to run> – A comma-separated list containing the IDs of checks to run. If not specified, all checks will be run. The argument is optional. 
<checks to ignore> – A comma-separated list containing the IDs of any checks to ignore. The argument is optional. 
/fixErrors – Whether to attempt to fix errors automatically.

dt healthCheck /checksToRun:DBI0001,DBI0002 /checksToIgnore:DBI0003,DBI0004 /fixErrors

The /fixErrors option doesn't mean that the error or warning will always be fixed. For example, you may need to install a Microsoft hotfix manually to resolve an error, or investigate why a data connector can't connect to a data source.

The available checks you can run (or ignore) are listed in the Health check article.

2.2. Run the health check

Here is an example of running all health checks:

C:\Program Files\Dundas Data Visualization Inc\Dundas BI\Instances\Instance1\tools>dt.exe healthCheck

Dundas BI Tools version
Copyright (c) 2017 Dundas Data Visualization Inc. All rights reserved.

[2016-02-19 16:01:32.521] [Info] [Framework.StartupShutdown] 0: Engine started
[2016-02-19 16:01:32.848] Beginning health check.
[2016-02-19 16:01:33.694] Running check: DBI0010:Check Application DB Connectivity
-> Ensures that the application can connect to the Application Database.
[2016-02-19 16:01:33.696]   Successfully connected to the Application database.
[2016-02-19 16:01:33.697] Check complete (DBI0010).
[2016-02-19 16:01:33.702] Running check: DBI0011:Check Warehouse DB Connectivity
-> Ensures that the application can connect to the Warehouse Database.
[2016-02-19 16:01:33.711]   Successfully connected to the Warehouse database.
[2016-02-19 16:01:33.711] Check complete (DBI0011).
[2016-02-19 16:01:33.712] Running check: DBI0020:Check App DB Settings
-> Ensures that various settings related to the application database are correct.
[2016-02-19 16:01:33.716]   [Err] For security reasons, it is strongly recommended that SQL Server authentication be used (instead of Integrated Security) for connections to the Application database.
[2016-02-19 16:01:34.006]   ALLOW_SNAPSHOT_ISOLATION enabled.
[2016-02-19 16:01:34.007]   READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT detected.
[2016-02-19 16:01:34.007]   Case-sensitive collation detected.
[2016-02-19 16:01:34.008] Check complete (DBI0020).
[2016-02-19 16:01:34.009] Running check: DBI0021:Check Warehouse DB Settings
-> Ensures that various settings related to the warehouse database are correct.
[2016-02-19 16:01:34.010]   [Err] For security reasons, it is strongly recommended that SQL Server authentication be used (instead of Integrated Security) for connections to the Warehouse database.
[2016-02-19 16:01:34.040]   ALLOW_SNAPSHOT_ISOLATION enabled.
[2016-02-19 16:01:34.040]   READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT detected.
[2016-02-19 16:01:34.041]   Case-sensitive collation detected.
[2016-02-19 16:01:34.042] Check complete (DBI0021).
[2016-02-19 16:01:34.045] Running check: DBI0100:Check for ADSI Hotfix 2683913
-> Ensure that the hotfix for Microsoft KB 2683913 is installed, to prevent random exceptions from being thrown when calling Active Directory functionality
[2016-02-19 16:01:34.793]   [Err] A hotfix from Microsoft is required in order to ensure that calling Active Directory functionality doesn't result in unexpected random errors. You can download the hotfix from:
[2016-02-19 16:01:34.795] Check complete (DBI0100).
[2016-02-19 16:01:34.796] Running check: DBI0210:Invalid Checked-Out References
-> Finds references from checked-out entities where the corresponding entity is not actually checked-out.
[2016-02-19 16:01:34.820] Check complete (DBI0210).
[2016-02-19 16:01:34.821] Running check: DBI0211:Mark Inactive Entries
-> Finds transient subentries which are no longer referenced by the latest revision of their parent entity, and marks them as inactive.
[2016-02-19 16:01:35.228] Check complete (DBI0211).
[2016-02-19 16:01:35.229] Running check: DBI0212:Detect Invalid Project IDs
-> Finds entries whose project ID does not match the ID of the project under which the entry resides.
[2016-02-19 16:01:35.771] Check complete (DBI0212).
[2016-02-19 16:01:35.772] Running check: DBI0213:Invalid Checked-Out Entity Data
-> Finds checked-out data for entities which are not actually checked-out.
[2016-02-19 16:01:35.791] Check complete (DBI0213).
[2016-02-19 16:01:35.792] Running check: DBI0214:Fix Invalid Inactive Entries
-> Finds inactive subentries which should not be inactive.
[2016-02-19 16:01:35.836] Check complete (DBI0214).
[2016-02-19 16:01:35.837] Running check: DBI0215:Find Entities with Missing Data
-> Locates entities which are missing their underlying data.
[2016-02-19 16:01:35.863] Check complete (DBI0215).
[2016-02-19 16:01:35.864] Running check: DBI0216:Invalid Subentry Revisions
-> Finds subentries whose current revision doesn't match that of their corresponding primary entry.
[2016-02-19 16:01:35.876] Check complete (DBI0216).
[2016-02-19 16:01:35.877] Running check: DBI0300:Orphaned Account Data
-> Finds (and optionally deletes) account-related data corresponding to accounts which no longer exist.
[2016-02-19 16:01:35.879]   Checking File System MRU
[2016-02-19 16:01:35.973]   Checking Notifications
[2016-02-19 16:01:35.994]   Checking Custom Data Tokens
[2016-02-19 16:01:35.996]   Checking Logon Cache
[2016-02-19 16:01:35.997]   Checking Logon and Password Tokens
[2016-02-19 16:01:35.998]   Checking User Data
[2016-02-19 16:01:36.001]   Checking Data Source Credentials
[2016-02-19 16:01:36.004]   Checking Sessions
[2016-02-19 16:01:36.009]   Checking Group Memberships
[2016-02-19 16:01:36.089]   Checking User Projects
[2016-02-19 16:01:36.109] Check complete (DBI0300).
[2016-02-19 16:01:36.109] Running check: DBI1000:Check reports and scorecards for upgrade
-> Ensures that reports and scorecards have been properly upgraded from version 1.
[2016-02-19 16:01:36.371] Check complete (DBI1000).
[2016-02-19 16:01:36.371] Running check: DBI2000:Detect Unused Warehouse Tables
-> Finds warehouse tables that are not in use.
[2016-02-19 16:01:36.581]   No unused tables.
[2016-02-19 16:01:36.583] Check complete (DBI2000).
[2016-02-19 16:01:36.584] Running check: DBI2010:Detect Invalid Default Time Dimensions
-> Finds projects whose specified default time dimension couldn't be found in the system.
[2016-02-19 16:01:36.659] Check complete (DBI2010).
[2016-02-19 16:01:36.659] Health check complete; 16 check(s) run, 3 error(s), 0 warning(s).
[2016-02-19 16:01:36.686] [Info] [Framework.StartupShutdown] 0: Engine stopping

C:\Program Files\Dundas Data Visualization Inc\Dundas BI\Instances\Instance1\tools>

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