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Dynamic Visualization of Travel Distances

Have you ever wondered how far away a customer is located from you, and how fast you can reach them? If you’re in certain industries, such as logistics, where timely delivery of products is critical to stay ahead of the competition, this information becomes highly valuable.  Dundas BI allows you to retrieve these insights by looking at the address of the customer from your database, such as the CRM system, and calculates and displays the distance and travel time to get there on a dashboard.


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Exploring Hidden Relationships Within Netflix's Original Content

What does it mean to be king? Just ask content creator and distributor extraordinaire, Netflix. In a recent study, Netflix was shown to have the best original content in comparison to not only other on-demand streaming services but to any television subscription service (sorry HBO and Game of Thrones).

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A Deeper Look Into Dundas BI's In-Memory Engine

For BI and analytics projects to be successful and transform the way people manage their decisions, speed is often a necessity. It’s not enough to have the right KPIs or the ability to consume those easily; the capacity to Get Insights Faster™ over taking a coffee break every time a dashboard is loaded or a new business question is asked is imperative for success.

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Tackling Your Business Intelligence User Navigation

Navigating a business intelligence solution to find the exact dashboard or report you are looking for can be a daunting task if you are not familiar with the solution, and especially if you are not the one who authored the content. As the content author, it’s made more difficult when an organization’s standard users all have varying preferences regarding the navigation experience. Adoption is vital to the success of a business intelligence project, and a superior navigation experience can act as a catalyst for retaining a higher volume of standard users. 

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