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3D Visualizations in Dundas BI - A Good Use Case for 3D?

3D charts are frowned upon in the data visualization world, especially when it comes to 3D Pie and Bar Charts. Those 3D visualizations usually go against data visualization best practices as they don’t provide any additional information that cannot be achieved using their 2D counterparts. Furthermore, studies show that people make more errors when reading 3D visualizations and so the best practice is to stick with 2D. That begs the question – are there any valuable 3D visualizations?


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Dundas BI: The Case for Business Intelligence vs. Excel [PART 1]

Excel is, undeniably, the single most popular data analytics tool in the world. I’m not here to dispute that, and I’ll be the first to admit that even I’m a fan of the spreadsheet application and find myself using it frequently (along with 750,000,000+ others) to organize data. As organizations acquire greater volumes of data from a dizzying array of sources, there’s a growing need to be able to consolidate and analyze the information as quickly and effectively as possible. And in order to do so, most companies turn to Excel and do so for good reason.

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How to Operationalize your Machine Learning Models with Dundas BI

So you or someone within your organization spent time to gather data, analyze it, choose a machine learning algorithm, train a model and you now finally hold the key to predict your future (at least from the data point of view). But what’s next? How can you take this machine learning model and integrate it with your BI platform so your prediction model can be used in your on-going decision making process in an automated fashion? In other words, how can you operationalize your model and apply it to new data coming through your applications like all other data analyzed through your BI system.


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