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Use JavaScript to Create a Custom Business Intelligence Navigation Experience

The success of a BI system depends on its adoption by end users; more specifically, users who want to quickly navigate to and look at dashboards for analysis purposes. This is where it becomes crucial to provide users with options to navigate to the content they want in a manner that they are comfortable with.


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4 Things to Look for in a Business Intelligence Vendor

If you’re looking to replace an existing business intelligence system with a new offering, or are looking for a fresh start, you’re probably getting overwhelmed with options. To help you more efficiently evaluate all your options, here are four quick evaluation tips to help you when trying to weed through all the choices.

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3 Major Benefits of Mobile Business Intelligence

Companies are under an increasing amount of pressure to make better, more accurate decisions, faster. Faster being the key word. A great way to accomplish this, is by providing a seamless user experience by ensuring business intelligence (BI) systems are accessible from wherever your users are, including on their mobile devices. 


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Data Changes Fast - React Faster with Notifications

Data changes rapidly, as does the output on your dashboards, and it’s not always possible to be in front of those dashboards when the data changes. How can you guarantee the insights you’ve discovered are seen by the right people at the right time? How is it possible to ensure key-decision makers are alerted to critical changes in their data as soon as it happens? The answer is simple. With data-driven notifications, you’ll never miss important changes in your data, ever again.


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