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Data Changes Fast - React Faster with Notifications

Data changes rapidly, as does the output on your dashboards, and it’s not always possible to be in front of those dashboards when the data changes. How can you guarantee the insights you’ve discovered are seen by the right people at the right time? How is it possible to ensure key-decision makers are alerted to critical changes in their data as soon as it happens? The answer is simple. With data-driven notifications, you’ll never miss important changes in your data, ever again.


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Innovation Never Rests: Automatically Detect Tables Within Excel

In this installment of Innovation Never Rests, we’re taking a closer look at Dundas BI’s enhanced ability to automatically detect tables within non-standard Excel files. With this improved feature, you’re now given the ability to simply drag-and-drop your messy Excel files onto Dundas BI’s interface, where it’ll immediately auto-detect sub-tables within the different sheets. This is a feature that business users who frequently work with Excel data – and who wish to analyze that data – will absolutely love!

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Innovation Never Rests: Hierarchy Attributes

In this episode, we’re focusing on one of the new ways Dundas BI simplifies data models and enables users to easily explore data in a logical and organized fashion by using Hierarchy Attributes.


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Adding Weather Data to Dundas BI is a Breeze

Are your metrics impacted by the weather? Have you ever considered using historical weather data to contextualize your data visualizations? If you had weather forecasts, could you more accurately predict decisions and results? The possibilities when working with weather data are near endless and today I’m going to explore how we might incorporate it into our dashboards.

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