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Navigating Analytics with Voice

Many people see the use of voice in analytics as entirely arbitrary, and as an alternative to mouse or keyboard controls. Some think of it as just a gadget or gimmick to generate attention.

We don’t agree. 

Voice has the potential to completely revolutionize how business intelligence (BI) systems are designed, built and used.

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Using Cohort Analysis to Determine Customer Lifetime Spending

Cohort Analysis enables you to easily compare how different groups or cohorts of people (i.e., customers) behave over time. It gives you visibility into the life-cycle pattern of different groups so you can draw insight regarding items such as customer retention trends and the health of your business processes over time. For example, you can compare customers you’ve acquired in the past year with those acquired several years ago, or compare users who’ve joined over the holiday season with another group that joined in the summer, and see if those holiday shoppers stuck around. 

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Parallel Coordinates - Multivariate Analysis of US Universities

When we released Dundas BI 4, we knew that as a business analyst searching for answers, you are always exploring data. It’s with this in mind that we continually strive to help you spot insights with smarter visualizations and extreme customizations, providing the perfect combination to see them as you need them.

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The World's Largest BI Survey - Get the Results

Which business intelligence (BI) tool is the best? What do existing customers think of their BI tools? Is the best BI software the best one for your business? What criteria should be considered when comparing BI tools? 

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