Setting a default theme for controls


1. Overview

Administrators can configure Dundas BI so that a default theme is applied to controls when they are created.

2. Setting the default theme

2.1. Get the ID of the theme

First, right-click over the desired theme in Explore and select Properties.

Open Properties for the theme
Open Properties for the theme

In the Properties dialog for the theme, copy the ID field and paste it into Notepad for later use.

Record the theme ID
Record the theme ID

2.2. Modify the config setting

Log on as an administrator and go to the Admin screen. Expand the Setup section and click Config.

In the Application Configuration screen, set Category to Web Application. Look for the Default Theme ID setting and set its value to the theme ID which you recorded into Notepad previously.

Set the default theme ID config value
Set the default theme ID config value

Now all controls will have this theme applied when you create the control in a view (i.e., dashboard, report, or scorecard).

The default theme is also applied to controls when data is first added, or when re-visualizing from one type of visualization to another.

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