Connecting to Azure Table / Azure Cosmos DB


1. Overview

This article shows how to connect to data stored in Microsoft Azure Table storage or Azure Cosmos DB tables.

When connecting to Azure Cosmos DB, accounts using the Azure Table API are supported.

To connect to Azure SQL or Azure Synapse, use the Microsoft SQL Server data provider.

2. Azure resource

Use the Azure Portal to set up your service resource. You will need either an Azure Storage resource or an Azure Cosmos DB resource set up that the Dundas BI server computer can access via its network/IP address.

You will need the connection string to access your resource to add a data connector for it in Dundas BI.

2.1. Azure Storage tables

When creating an Azure Storage account, choose an account type such as "general purpose" that includes support for table storage. For a walkthrough, see Create an Azure Storage account.

The connection string is one of the Access Keys for the account, which you can find from the Azure Portal once the resource is set up, and you can copy it to the clipboard. For details, see Manage storage account access keys.

2.2. Azure Cosmos DB

When creating an Azure Cosmos DB account, use the Table API option by choosing Azure Table as the API. A tutorial is available that includes creating an account.

To connect to your resource, you can navigate to its Connection String settings in the Azure Portal. You can typically choose Read-only Keys and copy your connection string to the clipboard.

Azure Cosmos DB connection string
Azure Cosmos DB connection string

3. New data connector

Once you have your connection string as shown above, use the main menu in Dundas BI and choose New, then Data Connector.

After filling in a Name, set Data Provider to Azure Table / Azure Cosmos DB.

New data connector
New data connector

Paste or type in your Connection String.

Connection strings copied from the Azure Portal typically already include the Account Key or access key, in which case you can leave this next field blank.

You can click Test connection to confirm you have access.

Click the Submit button at the bottom of the dialog to save and check in the data connector, and automatically discover data structures.

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