Connecting to Amazon Redshift


1. Overview

This article provides information on how to connect to Amazon Redshift.

Main article: Connect to data and view it on a dashboard

2. AWS account

Use your AWS account to set up Amazon Redshift and find its connection details.

Sign in to your AWS Management Console and open the Amazon Redshift console at

Open the details for your cluster and find and copy the ODBC URL, which contains the connection string. For more information, see the Amazon Redshift documentation.

3. Data connector settings

Once you have your connection string, you can set up a data connector in Dundas BI. Set Data Provider to Amazon Redshift.

Create a new data connector for Amazon Redshift
Create a new data connector for Amazon Redshift

Paste the Connection String, and enter the Password if not already included in the connection string.

Additional options such as Search Path for specifying schemas are available by clicking on the expandable sections below. You can also click Test connection to check your connection.

When using tenant overrides to connect to different databases, expand the Initialization section and select Single Schema to discover and use database structures without prefixing the original database (schema) name in queries.

4. See also

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