The Percentile function returns a scalar value below which the specified percentage of input data values fall. The closest input value that satisfies the condition is returned.


1. Syntax


2. Input

The Percentile function requires the following input:

  • d0 - The set of data values for which the Percentile is calculated.

3. Parameters

The Percentile function accepts the following parameters, which may be left out to use their default values:

  • s0 - A percentage value ranging between 0-100 to determine the calculated percentile. Default value is 80.
  • s1 - Indicates whether to include the two extreme percent values in the calculation. Default value is true.
  • s2 - The methodology used for calculating the percentile. Obsolete in Dundas BI version 11 and higher as direct computation is always used. Available choices:
    • 0 - The percent rank computation method (default)
    • 1 - The direct computation method
  • Alignments... (One or More, Optional) – Hierarchy placeholders to be used as the alignment axis.

4. Output

The Percentile formula generates the following output:

  • Percentile - A single value representing the specified percentile.

5. See also

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