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Interactive Dashboard and Data Visualization Examples

Dundas has a line-up of HTML5 interactive Dundas BI dashboard examples in our Data Visualization Gallery! Interact with a variety of samples and see firsthand what’s possible in the Dundas Dashboard and Data Visualization Gallery.

What makes these dashboards special is their interactive features that allow you to explore some of the hundreds of data possibilities with Dundas BI. The dashboard examples feature our wide selection of interactive visualizations, including maps, line charts, bar charts, scorecards, and more.

We have a variety of departmental and industry-specific dashboards available including those on the marketing, HR, sales, production, safety, and executive level.

These samples will give you a tour of what a Dundas BI dashboard can do, and a better understanding of how the different aspects fit together in an interactive format. This is the closest you can get to a fully live dashboard!

Get an idea of how others have utilized Dundas BI for their custom needs, and let that inspire your own creation with our full Dundas BI trial download.

Dundas BI features Dashboards, Reporting and Visual Data Analytics all with seamless integration.

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