• Self-Service BI - Simplifying Your Data Analytics

    Tailored self-service for all users with easy, quick data analytics, stunning visualizations and on-the-fly data analysis in any format, on any device.
    • Business users – with easy to use tools such as drag and drop visual data discovery, business users have the power to view, create, interact with, personalize, monitor and share key business metrics—with minimal assistance from IT. With access to established metric sets and hierarchies, they can create dashboards, reports, scorecards and slide shows on their own.
    • Technology users - can create data connectors, metric sets, hierarchies, dashboards, reports, scorecards and slideshows. They can use established data cubes and cube perspectives for simplified data discovery.
  • Single Experience - Access Any Data on Any Device

    Easily connect and access your data through a uniform Single Experience across all data sources. The Dundas BI Single Experience provides consistent tools, views, actions and options across any data and all devices.
    • Quick access to any data through a standardized, web-based browser
    • One single and unified user experience independent of your data sources (OLAP, Excel, Relational databases)
    • Connect and integrate with any data source quickly and easily
  • Powerful Visualizations - Smart Design Experience for Dashboards and Reports

    With the Dundas BI Smart Design Experience, you have the flexibility and control to create and customize powerful visualizations, dashboards and interactive data perspectives. Whether you need at-a-glance dashboards, multi-page reports, ad-hoc reports or scorecards, smart design tools allow you to easily create your own data views using our suggested best practices or your own styling.
    • Create customized layouts and interactions of data visualizations
    • Easily analyze your data with drill downs, segmentation and contextual data analysis such as period over period, state groups and custom formulas
    • View and share different data perspectives with other users using annotations and notifications
    • Easily create multi-page reports with quick access and readability for little or lots of data and records
    • Comes complete with highly-customizable visualizations including interactive charts, gauges, maps, scorecards and more
  • Flexible Mobile BI - Take your Dundas BI Anywhere

    Stay connected with Dundas BI HTML5 experience.
    • Easy access through your browser, to connect, interact and analyze your data on any mobile device including tablets, and smartphones whether iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry
    • Dundas BI is based on HTML5 web technology, designed to be touch friendly so you have the same experience, data access, tools and views on your mobile device
    • Build and create your dashboards and reports on the go
    • Dundas BI has Pinch to Zoom capabilities and supports tap actions to drill down/up into the different hierarchy level of the displayed data points
    • Built in capabilities that support automatic resize based on the available screen size including scale and resize modes
  • One Flexible Platform - Customize, Extend and Integrate

    Customize, extend and integrate with one fully programmable platform supporting Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) for data integration, reporting, dashboards and analysis.
    • Seamless data delivery with one open, flexible platform
    • Customize the user interface and visual design to meet the needs of users via built-in properties or your own HTML and CSS styling
    • Full API support and extended scripting to easily integrate and embed Dundas BI into your existing systems, applications and administration. (.NET, REST, JavaScript APIs)
  • Enterprise-Ready - Full Management and Control with Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

    Enterprise-ready BI platform with ease of management, full control and the security and governance needed for large-scale integration and deployment
    • Ease of management and full control of users and their data access level
    • One flexible, easy to scale deployment model
    • Governed administration and security
    • Easy to deploy, maintain and administer

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