BI and Dashboard Samples

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  • Corgent Sales

    Corgent Sales

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  • Executive Dashboard - Sonatica

    Executive Dashboard - Sonatica

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  • Safety Dashboard

    Safety Dashboard

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  • Human Resources Dashboard

    Human Resources Dashboard

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  • Executive Dashboard

    Executive Dashboard

    This executive dashboard displays financial metrics and sales metrics such as Margin by Month, Sales Distribution, Monthly Support Expenses, Monthly Revenue, etc. Visualizations consist of gauges, maps, area charts and line charts.

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  • Wind and Solar Dashboard

    Wind and Solar Dashboard

    This dashboard shows power production across several wind and solar installations. This makes it easy for service technicians to spot problems with solar arrays and wind turbines and perform required maintenance. A detailed breakdown shows service history and power production.

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  • Wireless Telecom Executive Strategy Dashboard

    Wireless Telecom Executive Strategy Dashboard

    This is a strategic dashboard for a wireless services provider. This dashboard helps your executive team track progress towards three business goals: reducing Subscriber Acquisition Costs (SAC), growing Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), and lowering customer churn.

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  • Call Center Dashboard

    Call Center Dashboard

    This dashboard tracks call center performance and queue activity - from a high-level snapshot down individual agents and callers. Metrics like First Call Resolution (FCR), Transfer Rate, Average Speed of Answer (ASA) and SLA adherence provide an overview of current and past performance.

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  • Company Operations Dashboard - Dragonwell

    Company Operations Dashboard - Dragonwell

    Digital dashboards provide your management team with a detailed overview of company performance, allowing them to make informed decisions quickly. This example demonstrates how a dashboard can be used to monitor performance across the entire business. Starting with a general overview of expenses and revenues, managers and executives can drill down to see the latest sales data, marketing activities, cash flow, and customer support volumes.

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  • Student Performance Dashboard - Stephen Few

    Student Performance Dashboard - Stephen Few

    Education dashboards like this one can help teachers address problems in the classroom. Student grades, attendance patterns and trends in assignment and assessment scores for a grade 10 Algebra class help a teacher put student performance into context. By showing historical and current performance in a single screen, this teacher can quickly spot which students are falling behind and provide intervention to keep them on track. This dashboard was designed by Stephen Few, a pioneer in data visualization best practices, author, and founder of Perceptual Edge. We took his design (with permission) and replicated it exactly in Dundas Dashboard to demonstrate the flexibility of the platform.

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  • Harbor Materials - 323 Technology Solutions

    Harbor Materials - 323 Technology Solutions

    This dashboard was designed by 323 Technology Solutions, a Dundas partner in the aggregates industry. It demonstrates how an aggregates manufacturer can use dashboards to improve their operations, management and dispatch processes.

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  • Microsoft System Center Dashboard

    Microsoft System Center Dashboard

    This Microsoft system center dashboard involves fictitious incidents and displays associated KPIs such as Time to Resolution by Day, On-Time Completion, TTR by Month, etc. Emphasis is on performance, and visualizations consist of various charts, scorecards and gauges.

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  • Hospitality Dashboard

    Hospitality Dashboard

    Dashboards can connect with your Property Management System (PMS) databases directly, to provide a visual breakdown and interactive analysis of important KPIs in the hospitality industry. This example was built on top of a PMS to provide a detailed breakdown of RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) over time and geography. This helps regional or brand managers to measure and monitor performance of various locations and regions, and can even help formulate an expansion strategy. ADR (Average Daily Rate) and Occupancy are included for additional context.

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  • Manufacturing Dashboard - Naddus Motors

    Manufacturing Dashboard - Naddus Motors

    Operational dashboards help plant operators keep a close eye on various metrics from their office PC - including equipment performance and maintenance, staff scheduling, plant performance and delays, or human resources data. This example shows how an engine manufacturer called Naddus Motors uses an interactive dashboard to track important human resources data, including accident / injury statistics, worker satisfaction, absenteeism and lost time due to injury or absence. This allows plant managers and operators to quickly take action to address these problems. Drill-down functionality makes it easy to analyze data across many years and from different areas of the plant.

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  • Retail Sales Performance Dashboard

    Retail Sales Performance Dashboard

    This sales performance dashboard displays numerous sales KPIs such as Revenue, Reseller Sales, Sales Distribution and Supply and Demand metrics, and emphasizes performance and sales analysis. Visualizations consist of various charts and gauges, a map and a scorecard.

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  • Retail Operations Executive Dashboard

    Retail Operations Executive Dashboard

    This retail executive dashboard emphasizes operations analysis, and tracks KPIs such as earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) by Department and per Employee. Visualizations consist of various charts, gauges, and scorecards.

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  • Canadian 2011 Federal Election Dashboard

    Canadian 2011 Federal Election Dashboard

    This dashboard shows the results of the Canadian 2011 federal election, broken down by political party and federal riding. Hover your mouse over a federal riding and the interactive map will show you the candidates in that riding, as well as the election results for each candidate.

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  • Real-Time Server Management Dashboard

    Real-Time Server Management Dashboard

    This dashboard monitors real-time CPU and memory usage across several servers, and provides warning of outages and problems.

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  • Analytical Dashboard with OLAP Chart and Grid

    Analytical Dashboard with OLAP Chart and Grid

    This sales performance dashboard has an Analysis tab that lets you interactively analyze the data by allowing for the addition and deletion of slicer dimensions, measures and categories. Data is visualized using either a scorecard or a column chart.

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  • Salesforce Dashboard - Leads & Opportunities

    Salesforce Dashboard - Leads & Opportunities

    This dashboard connects directly to a Salesforce™ cloud and displays information about sales opportunities and inbound leads in a more visually appealing way than what's offered as the default for the CMS.

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  • Technology Performance Dashboard

    Technology Performance Dashboard

    This technology performance dashboard displays KPIs such as Net Profit, Contribution Margin, YOY Revenue Trend, % of Contracts Renewed, Service Quality Index (%), etc. Visualizations consist of column and pie charts, gauges and bullet graphs.

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  • Hospital Healthcare Dashboard

    Hospital Healthcare Dashboard

    This healthcare (hospital) dashboard displays KPIs such as Average Length of Stay (ALOS), Readmission Rates and Emergency Room Wait Times. Visualizations consist of line graphs and other general controls.

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  • Market Intelligence Call Centre Dashboard

    Market Intelligence Call Centre Dashboard

    This call center dashboard displays KPIs such as Average Connected Calls Duration, Call Response Rates, Average Dropped Calls Duration, etc. A scorecard is used to indicate the performance of call centers by region. Visualizations consist of gauges and scorecards.

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  • Reporting Services Dashboard Report

    Reporting Services Dashboard Report

    This executive dashboard displays both financial and sales metrics. It also lets users drill-down into an associated Reporting Services report when viewing the "Support" tab.

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  • Airline Dashboard

    Airline Dashboard

    This airline dashboard displays key metrics such as Flights on Time (per region), Average Load (by month), Fleet Utilization, and Costs (by month). Visualizations consist of pie, area and line charts, as well as bullet graphs.

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  • Marketing Dashboard

    Marketing Dashboard

    This marketing dashboard tracks key metrics such as Marketing Expenses (by Region and Date), Number of Qualified Leads, as well as Number of Downloads by Product. Visualizations used are a 100% stacked column chart, a scorecard and bullet graphs.

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  • Power Monitoring Dashboard

    Power Monitoring Dashboard

    This dashboard monitors power output/demand and displays KPIs such as High Demand Threshold, Potential Capacity and Average Required Capacity. Visualizations used are pie, column and line charts and call-outs.

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  • Mobile Product Sales Dashboard

    Mobile Product Sales Dashboard

    This mobile product sales and marketing dashboard displays KPIs such as Market Share, Product Sales By Month and store-related metrics like Activations, Yearly Sales Trend and Monthly Sales Trend. Visualizations used are column charts, a scorecard and a treemap control.

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