Using a Chord Diagram



1. Overview

The Chord diagram displays information about the inter-relationships between data categories. While other relationship visualizations often show hierarchical relationships between data, the Chord diagram visualizes the relationships within the same level.

2. Data preparation

To follow the examples in this article, connect to the Adventure Works SSAS database and create the following cube perspective:

  • The Sales Orders and Sales Summary measures.
  • The Customer and Sales Territory dimensions.

3. Add a chord diagram

While in the dashboard designer, use the Data Visualization option from the toolbar and select Chord Diagram.

Select Chord Diagram
Select Chord Diagram

Drag the Sales Territory Country dimension from the cube perspective to the Rows (sources) field. 

Drag the source dimension
Drag the source dimension

The diagram is displayed as a circle with nodes corresponding to each category.

Drag the Country hierarchy from the Customer dimension of the cube perspective to the Columns (targets) field.

Drag the Order Count measure from the cube perspective to the Measures field.

Drag the target dimension and a measure
Drag the target dimension and a measure

Two Auto Color Rules are created based on the Order Count measure – one for the nodes and one for the links. You can modify the settings of each rule by switching to the Visualization tab on the Data Analysis Panel and clicking the brush icon next to the respective Color field, or going to the Look section of the Properties panel and selecting the respective Auto Color Rule. You can also delete the Auto Color Rules or un-assign the measure from the Color field in the Data Analysis Panel to use the color palette from the Look properties tab.

Select Visualization in the Data Analysis Panel.

Switch to the Visualization tab
Switch to the Visualization tab

Drag the Sales Amount measure from the cube perspective to the Width field.

Add a measure to the Width
Add a measure to the Width

The width of each link is now defined by its Sales Amount fraction of the total.

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