Filter child dashboards from a parent dashboard


1. Overview

You can embed views such as dashboards inside other views, and also filter them from the top level. For example, you can display one dashboard inside another dashboard, while using filters on the parent dashboard that affect the embedded dashboard.

There may be some overhead when embedding dashboards as compared to using metric sets directly on the parent dashboard.

2. Set up the embedded view

Create or edit a dashboard or another type of view.

Child dashboard
Child dashboard

Add a view parameter in the Parameters window, or add a filter, which automatically adds a view parameter, then select checkboxes for data on this view that should be filtered.

Customize the Name and Script Name depending on which data is being filtered.

Editing a view parameter
Editing a view parameter

If you will be navigating from this embedded view to another one, for example using a menu component on a parent view, or by setting up a navigation interaction in this view, your view parameter connections will continue to work as long as the view parameters in the other embedded views have a matching Script Name set.

3. Embed the view

In another view such as a dashboard, drag and drop the view that you want to embed from the Explore window onto the canvas. This creates a view container to display that view.

Drag and drop the child dashboard
Drag and drop the child dashboard

Add a filter to use for filtering the child dashboard, or set up existing filters by choosing Connect Filters in the toolbar.

In the Filter Visualizations popup that appears, select the checkbox to connect to the child dashboard's view parameter that you created earlier.

Connect the parent dashboard filter
Connect the parent dashboard filter

If you added filters to the embedded view, you can prevent them from displaying while embedded by enabling the Hide Parameter Controls checkbox option in the Properties window for the view container.

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