Install and configure R


1. Overview

R is a popular programming language and environment for statistical computing, graphics, and predictive analysis. Dundas BI integrates with an existing R system at the data cube level via two transforms which you can use to perform data generation or data processing/analysis.

In order to use the R-related functionality in Dundas BI, you must have access to an existing R server. There are configuration settings in Dundas BI that allow administrators to specify the details for connecting to an external R server.

2. Install the R server

The open source Rserve (Binary R Server) software is available for Unix, Linux, and Windows platforms. However, due to limitations with the Windows version it is not recommended for use outside of evaluation purposes.

The Windows version of Rserve works in cooperative mode only, which means that only one connection at a time is allowed and all subsequent connections share the same namespace. For example, using both the R Data Generator transform and the R Language Analysis transform in the same data cube will result in an error because of this limitation.

2.1. Unix / Linux

For details on installing Rserve on Unix or Linux systems, click here.

2.2. Windows

If you want to use Rserve on Windows with Dundas BI ( for testing or non-production purposes), first download and install R for Windows on your Dundas BI server.

This installer package will install the R binaries to a folder similar to: C:\Program Files\R\R-3.2.0\bin\x64

Once R for Windows is installed, add the above folder path to your Windows Path environment variable. This will allow the Rserve program to locate R.dll.

Next, go to your Start Programs menu and expand the newly installed R folder.

Click R x64 3.2.0 (or similar) to launch the R Console.

R Console
R Console

In the R Console, type the following commands in order to download and install Rserve (this is the R server) and run the program.


Install and run Rserve from the console
Install and run Rserve from the console

The R server is now running and you can use the R transforms in Dundas BI as described in R Data Generator and R Language Analysis.

To run Rserve without the R Console, open a Command Prompt window and start the Rserve.exe program. You can also copy the Rserve.exe program to your Windows Startup folder to have it run automatically when Windows starts.

3. Configure Rserve Connection settings

Once your R server is running, you'll need to update the Rserve Connection settings in Dundas BI in order to properly connect to the R server.

If you're running Rserve on Windows (your Dundas BI server) for testing only, the default Rserve Connection settings should suffice (i.e., no changes required).

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