Using a word cloud visualization


1. Overview

The Word Cloud (also known as Tag Cloud) data visualization displays text with color and size emphasis based on measures.

Other data visualizations are better for analysis.

2. Data preparation

To follow the examples in this article, connect to the Adventure Works sample database for SQL Server. Locate the following dimension from the [Person].[Person] table:

  • FirstName

And the following measures from the [Sales].[SalesPerson] table:

  • SalesYTD
  • Bonus

3. Add a word cloud visualization

While editing a dashboard, use the Data Visualization option from the toolbar and select Word Cloud.

Select Word Cloud
Select Word Cloud

Drag FirstName and drop it under Rows in the Data Analysis Panel.

Drag the FirstName dimension
Drag the FirstName dimension

The visualization is displayed as a jumble of all the names in the FirstName dimension.

Drag SalesYTD and drop it under Measures.

Drag the SalesYTD measure
Drag the SalesYTD measure

The salespeople names are automatically re-sized according to their year-to-date sales.

You can adjust the range of text sizing by changing the Max Font Size and Min Font Size text properties.

Adjust the font sizes
Adjust the font sizes

Words that do not fit within the word cloud given these settings may be excluded. To ensure all words are included, adjust the set maximum font size or the size of the word cloud so that the longest possible word/text will always fit.

4. Change the text color

Select Visualization in the Data Analysis Panel.

Switch to the Visualization tab
Switch to the Visualization tab

Drag the Bonus measure and drop it under Text Color.

Add a measure to the Text Color
Add a measure to the Text Color

The color of each name is now defined by its Bonus amount. You can further adjust the color scheme by introducing color rules in the Look properties.

5. Adjust the text layout

Open the Layout tab in the Word Cloud properties.

Adjust the Text Padding and Rotation properties to best match your data.

Adjust the text layout
Adjust the text layout

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