Rename a script


1. Overview

When you add a script action to a data visualization, the script is automatically named script 1, script 2, and so on. This article shows you how to rename these script actions to something more descriptive using the Layers window.

You can also rename other actions such as change layer in a similar way.

2. Add a script

For this example, first add a chart visualization to your dashboard.

Go to Properties and add a script for the chart's Click event.

Script action for a Click event on a chart
Script action for a Click event on a chart

3. Rename the script action

Go to the Layers window and click the layer containing the chart.

Click the plus sign to see the list of elements within the layer.

Right-click over the layer node and select Refresh. This ensures the list of elements is up-to-date and includes the script you just added.

Refresh the layer's list of elements
Refresh the layer's list of elements

Expand the layer node and the chart node. You should see a script node listed as well.

Right-click over the script node and select Rename.

Rename the script node
Rename the script node

Enter the new name for the script in the text box.

Enter the new script name
Enter the new script name

Go back to the Script Editor to see that the script has been renamed.

Script is renamed
Script is renamed

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