Internet Explorer compatibility mode


Certain versions of Internet Explorer (IE) will only show the 'Windows Login' option at the Log in page.

This is likely due to the compatibility mode of IE. By default compatibility is turned on for sites on your local network. Since Dundas BI requires an HTML5 compatible browser and the compatibility mode in IE will render the page in a version older than version 10 (a non HTML5 browser). To correct this issue, please follow the instructions below.

1. Instructions

  1. Open IE's settings; this is usually a gear icon on the top right
  2. Select 'Compatibility view settings'
  3. Deselect 'Display intranet sites in Compatibility View'
  4. Open the Developer Tools by pressing F12 or by selecting it in the settings menu
  5. Switch to the console option of the developer tools
  6. in the console type the following
  7. Press 'Enter' to confirm the script
  8. Clear the browser's cache
  9. Refresh the page

You should now see the correct Log in page

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