The Histogram function assigns numeric values to bins and returns the counts. This analyzes the numeric values by themselves, and can make it possible to visualize how a set of numeric values are distributed, see which are the most or least common, and look for patterns.


You can also re-visualize Calculate Histogram to quickly generate a histogram chart. See Calculate Histogram.

The histogram functions can only be used in a formula visualization.

The Histogram Range function can optionally be used instead when you want to specify the start and/or end of the range of values included in the result.

Histogram Range
Histogram Range

1. Syntax



Histogram Range:


2. Input

The Histogram function requires the following input:

  • d0 - The set of data values for which the histogram is calculated.

3. Parameters

The Histogram functions use the following parameters:

  • s0 - The size of the bins for the numeric values to be assigned to, optional. Enter 0 or null to calculate the bin size automatically.
  • s1 - A number representing the type of captions to describe the ranges, optional.
    • 0: The default value is 0 (Auto)
    • 1: ">=0 & <10, >=10 & <20"
    • 2: "0-10, 10-20"
  • s2 - (For Histogram Range) The value used to start the range of the first bin. Input values smaller than this will not be counted in the result.
  • s3 - (For Histogram Range) The value used to end the range of the last bin. Input values greater or equal to this will not be counted in the result.
  • Alignments... (One or More, Optional): Hierarchy placeholders to be used as the alignment axis, for grouping histogram results by the specified values rather than producing a single result.

4. Output

The histogram functions generate the following output:

  • Histogram - The Histogram result set, containing only a Distribution Bin hierarchy and a count of the number of measure values from the input data within each bin.

5. See also

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