Managing licenses


1. Overview

This article shows you how to add a new license for Dundas BI and view your current license.

Once you've added a valid retail license, the evaluation watermark should disappear from your Dundas BI screens the next time you log on.

Dundas BI version 6 and above can automatically update your license when a newer version is available.

2. Add a license

Follow these steps once you've obtained a new license file or text from Dundas.

In the main menu on the left, click Admin.

Access admin functions from the main menu
Access admin functions from the main menu

In the Admin screen, expand Licensing and click Licenses. A list of existing licenses is displayed on the right.

Click Add New.

Click Licenses and then Add new
Click Licenses and then Add new

In the Add License dialog, copy and paste the license string obtained from Dundas into the text block.

Copy and paste the license string
Copy and paste the license string

Click Submit to add the license. The licenses list should be updated with the new entry.

Log out and log back on for the changes to take effect.

3. View licenses

Go to the Admin screen, expand Licensing, and then click Licenses to see a list of the licenses currently installed.

Select any license in the list and click Details in the toolbar to open the License Detail dialog. This lets you view the details of the license such as:

  • Status of the license (e.g., Valid or Expired)
  • Product Version
  • Multi-Tenancy Feature (e.g., Enabled)
  • Reserved Power User Seats (number of license seats for reserved/named power users)

License details
License details

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