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Dundas BI 4 - Operational Reporting


Dundas BI 4 was released this week, and with it, over 100 new features and enhancements designed to give you unparalleled control over your data. With Dundas BI 4, data consumers, business analysts and BI professionals get greater control of their data and the freedom to work without depending on others.

We had a full audience for our “What’s New in Dundas BI 4” webinar (make sure you check it out), which provided an overview on the newest features and what they’ll bring to your organization. However, Dundas BI 4 has A LOT of new features and enhancements, and there was only so much we could cover in the webinar. So we’re hosting three (3) webinars, conducted by the R&D team, over the next few weeks in a series we’ve dubbed, “Dundas BI 4 – Feature Series”:

1. Feature Series 1 – Operational Reporting

In this webinar, we’ll walk you through the many enhancements made to the multi-page reports and scorecards functionality in Dundas BI 4.

Date – Thursday, May 4, 2017
Time – 11:00 AM EST
Presenter – Kevin Micallef, Reporting Lead Developer

Register now: http://www.dundas.com/learning/webinars/04-05-2017-operational-reporting-_-enhancements-in-reports-and-scorecards

2. Feature Series 2 – Integration

This webinar will focus on the extended integration options in Dundas BI 4 that make it even easier to integrate analytics within every business process, including the Embed Library and new Federated Claims Based Authentication.

Date – Thursday, May 11, 2017
Time – 11:00 AM EST
Presenters – Terrence Sheflin, R&D Director, UI/UX & Rob Siklos, R&D Director, Framework and Tools

Register now: http://www.dundas.com/learning/webinars/11-05-2017-integration-_-the-embed-library-and-federated-claims-based-authentication

3. Feature Series 3 – Visualization

Our final webinar in this series will focus on the new and enhanced visualization options in Dundas BI 4 including automatic visualization recommendations, new smart visualization options and a variety of new customization options.

Date – Thursday, May 18, 2017
Time – 11:00 AM EST
Presenter – Jamie Cherwonka, R&D Director, Data Visualizations

Register now: http://www.dundas.com/learning/webinars/18-05-2017-visualizations-_-new-and-enhanced-data-visualization-features

Each one of these Feature Series webinars are led by Dundas’ R&D team. They’ll share their expertise on specific areas on Dundas BI 4 that their team designed and built. Each individual webinar in this series will focus on a different area of the product, giving you valuable insight into how specific aspects of the product have been enhanced in Dundas BI 4.

Each webinar will also be preceded by a brief blog, highlighting some key points on what will be further discussed in the webinar.

So without further ado, in preparation of Feature Series 1 – Operational Reporting, below is a brief overview of what will be discussed in greater detail.

With the release of Dundas BI 4, we’ve made great enhancements to the existing Reports and Scorecards functionality. The major changes are as follows and will be covered in Feature Series 1 – Operational Reporting.

Indicate Page Size for Reports

No longer, will you have to comply with standard page sizes for reports. With Dundas BI, the default page size for reports is set according to your locale; i.e. en-US and en-CA will automatically default to letter-sized pages (8.5 x 11 inches). However, with Dundas BI 4, you’ll now be able to change the page size of a report, directly within the Layout tab in the Properties window. It’s just that simple!

Include Metadata Labels

The newest release of Dundas BI will see reports come pre-populated with various placeholder labels for page number and number of pages. You’re given the ability to add other metadata labels via the intuitive Labels panel. Here is a sample of the various built-in placeholder labels Dundas BI 4 will offer:

  • Page Number
  • Total Pages
  • Current Date
  • Current Time
  • Report Name
  • Report Path
  • Creator
  • Creation Date
  • Etc. 

Automatically Generate Reports from a Table

With Dundas BI 4, you’ll now be able to quickly create a report for a whole table, by simply dragging the table onto the repeater drop area. Dundas BI will then automatically populate the repeater and creates headers and body labels for the columns in the table. Never before has it been this easy to generate reports from a table!



Embedding Dashboards within Reports

With this fresh, new capability, you’ll now have the option to create and design advanced, interactive dashboards and embed them within reports with ease. Simply drag them into your reports or scorecards and have those dashboards repeated across different categories of your dimensions, possibly spanning across multiple pages. For example, you can create a dashboard that shows performance throughout a certain country, and then have that same dashboard repeated in a single report across all countries you operate and report in. 

For more information on what changes have been made to the Reports and Scorecards functionality, be sure to check out the full list here: http://www.dundas.com/support/learning/documentation/release-notes/what-s-new-in-dundas-bi?v=4.0#h4-design-and-view

And don’t forget to register for Feature Series 1 – Operation Reporting, so you can learn more about these features directly from the experts who built them!

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