Show or hide totals for a hierarchy


1. Overview

This article shows you how to show or hide the grand total and subtotals for a specific hierarchy. 

2. Shown Totals

For this example, create a new dashboard with a table visualization showing OrderQty and LineTotal as measures, and Product as a row hierarchy.

Open the Data Binding Panel for the table and edit the Product hierarchy.

In the Configure Metric Set Element dialog, look for the Shown Totals field which lets you choose the totals that should be displayed (or not displayed) for this hierarchy. This option is available for non-slicer hierarchies.

Shown Totals for a hierarchy
Shown Totals for a hierarchy

2.1. No Totals

Set Shown Totals = No Totals.

No Totals
No Totals

2.2. Subtotals

Set Shown Totals = Subtotals.


2.3. Grand Total

Set Shown Totals = Grand Total.

Grand Total
Grand Total

2.4. Subtotals and Grand Total

Set Shown Totals = Subtotals and Grand Total.

Subtotals and Grand Total
Subtotals and Grand Total

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