How to reset the admin password


1. Overview

This article shows a couple of ways to reset the Dundas BI administrator password.

2. Use the dt command line tool

On the server where Dundas BI is installed, open a Command Prompt window and navigate to the tools folder. By default, this folder location is:

C:\Program Files\Dundas Data Visualization Inc\Dundas BI\Instances\{InstanceName}\tools

Determine the SQL database connection string that your instance of Dundas BI is configured with. You can find this information from the dundasBIConnection.config file which is located here by default:

C:\Program Files\Dundas Data Visualization Inc\Dundas BI\Instances\{InstanceName}\www\BIWebsite

At the command prompt, enter the following:

dt resetadminpassword /appcs:"your connection string" /password:"new admin password"

Make sure there are no spaces between the colon [ : ] and the quotation mark [ " ]


dt resetadminpassword /appcs:"Data Source=SERVER1\;Initial Catalog='DundasBIappdb';Integrated Security=True" /password:"1234"

Go to the Dundas BI Log on screen. Click the Forgot Password link.

In the Forgot My Password screen, type admin and click Submit.

Reset admin password
Reset admin password

The admin user will receive a Reset Password email (as long as email settings have been properly configured) containing a link for changing the password.

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