Designing Views

Duration: 6:23

This video provides a demonstration of how to filter data on a dashboard using Dundas BI’s dashboard designer and viewer. You will see how to create filter controls, work with filter tokens (e.g. “Current Year”), and apply a single filter to multiple data results.

Duration: 2:45

This video explains what styles and themes are in the context of Dundas BI, followed by a demonstration of how to create and use them to achieve a consistent look and feel across your dashboards and reports.

Duration: 2:52

This video provides an overview of how to share and/or export your dashboard or report in Dundas BI. In addition to sharing as a link, Dundas BI natively supports exporting to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF, and bitmap image (PNG).

Duration: 2:04

This video provides a short overview of what period-over-period means, followed by a demonstration of how to set it up in Dundas BI’s dashboard designer and viewer. You will learn how to quickly show a previous year’s data alongside current data.

Duration: 3:21

When your data doesn’t contain the calculations that you need, you can use Dundas BI to make those calculations for you. This video will show you how to use Cost and Sales data to show Profit using the built-in formula capabilities of Dundas BI.

Duration: 7:01

Drilling down into your data is a very powerful feature which lets you discover why your data looks the way it does. This video shows you how to use the built-in drill down features of Dundas BI as well as custom drill down, navigation, hover pop-up, and layer-change actions.

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