What Can You Do With The Map In Dundas BI?

The map control/data visualization in Dundas BI is so extensive that it could very well be a product onto itself.

Using Heat Map Charts to Discover Patterns

The Heat Map Chart is a new visualization in Dundas BI that allows for quick storytelling and pattern recognition. It helps to illuminate trends in your data that you never even knew existed.

The Only Thing You Need to Know About Trees and Tree Maps

In Data Visualization, treemapping is a great method to allow for the visualization of hierarchical data using rectangles. Let's explore what the treemap can do and how to build one using Dundas BI

Quick Tip: How to Measure Data that is Wildly Different

Dundas BI offers many techniques that can help you better understand your data. Regardless of how wildly different it might be

There's a Map for that - Game of Thrones Edition

With Dundas BI, you can actually bring in your own map files. In this video, we’ll show you how that’s done, and what it could look like (heads up, we use a real example from Game of Thrones!).