Dundas BI Version 7

Using Dundas BI, Explore Data in Natural Language for Easy Analytics

Using Dundas BI's Natural Language Assistant, tap into your data by simply conversing with it. Ask questions of your data using simple, human commands and get answers and suggestions immediately.

From Heat Map Charts to Color Scale Legends, Experience Dundas BI Version 7

Let’s look at some exciting new visualization-based features in Dundas BI 7 - such as heat map charts and color scale legends - that will help take your dashboards to the next level.

From Table Relationships to Slicer Comparisons, Experience Dundas BI Version 7

We highlight 3 brand new features in Dundas BI version 7 - such as table relationships and slicer comparisons - that focus on providing even more flexibility to what's already the most flexible business intelligence software

From Natural Language to Linux, Experience Dundas BI Version 7

Take a look at three very exciting and innovative capabilities in Dundas BI 7; from new ways to work with the application to an entirely new way of deploying and managing it.