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At Dundas, our goal is to help businesses transform their data into actionable information so they can improve corporate performance. Dundas BI Version 3.0 now provides even more data analysis features and more options to better manipulate and prepare data.

Version 3.0 is all about your visual data analytics experience. Our new release includes faster ways to explore your data, new smart visualizations to better explain it, more options to access and share it on any device and so much more.

Faster Data Exploration

On top of the existing options for diagnostic and predictive analytics, we’ve now added some simple and advanced options to further create the data analysis you need to have in order to be proactive. You’re now able to focus on the data you need, and from there, easily enrich and share it.

New in 3.0:

Smarter Visualizations

We are always trying to continuously provide new, advanced ways to visualize your data. Cutting-edge, advanced visualizations will assist you in finding new insights not easily found in standard visualizations and without having to do any data preparation.


New in 3.0:

Accelerating User Adoption

Dundas BI version 3.0 is designed to help your data analytics solution reach more people. Adoption is arguably the single most important, measurable key performance indicator when discussing BI tools. Studies indicate that less than 30% of BI tools are adopted by their intended end users. Ensuring users can access the data as they need it, on any device or within other applications, and enabling both business and technical users to better use their BI platform is critical to ensure higher adoption rates and greater success with your BI projects.

New in 3.0:

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