Handling null data points


1. Overview

This artcile demonstrates how to handle null data points in the data visualizations. If there are rows that has no data, you could make a rule to those values in the table or chart.

Using "Missing data rule" option in the "Configure metric set element" panel window would allow you to display the data points that were hidden. By default, it is set to "None", thus, the null data points are not displayed.

2. Getting Started

In this example, we will use AdventureWorks2012, with Sales.SalesPerson table. First, we will drop the SalesPerson.BusinessEntityID in the dashboard to show the rows:

Table with Business Entity ID
Table with Business Entity ID

Then, we drop SalesQuota in the dashboard:

Adding SalesQuota in the Table
Adding SalesQuota in the Table

Notice that BusinessEntityID 274 is missing in the list after the SalesQuota was dropped in the table.

3. Using Missing Data Rule

To view the missing BusinessEntityID, open the Data Binding Panel, and edit the measure (in this case, SalesQuota).

Edit Measure
Edit Measure

On the "Configure metric set element" window, under Metric Set Default Values, go to "Missing data rule". In this area, you could find options for the missing data in the data points.

Missing Data Rule
Missing Data Rule

Here are the options:

  • None - do not display the data point
  • Average - displays the average between the previous and next data points
  • Average Non-Missing Data - displays the average between the previous and next non-empty data points
  • Null(Empty) - displays nothing on the data point
  • Null(Pass Through) - brings in only the nulls present in the database, and does not generate new hierarchy member combinations
  • Rolling Average - displays the average of the previous data points
  • Zero - displays zero on the missing data point

When Null(Empty) missing data rule is placed on the table, BusinessEntityID 274 shows with the data for SalesQuota shown as null.

Table with Null Values
Table with Null Values

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