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Introduction to Dundas BI

Short introduction to Dundas BI, including an overview of the architecture, the user interface, and some of the key features.

Creating and Viewing Dashboards

Overview of what dashboards are and a demonstration of how to create and work with them in Dundas BI’s dashboard designer and viewer.

Introduction to Data Cubes

An introduction to basic ETL using data cubes. You will learn how to perform joins across data sources and the overall concept behind a data cube.

Introduction to Metric Sets

An introduction to the concept of metric sets within Dundas BI. You will learn why and how to create your own metric sets in order to help with the sharing of data.

Building a Basic Chart

A basic introduction to the creation of a chart based on an existing sample. You will learn the use of the Data Binding Panel as well as basic chart features from a data perspective.

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