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What do Business Intelligence & The Bachelor Have in Common?

Valentine’s Day has come and passed, yet sparks are still flying as we’re feeling the lingering effects of Cupid’s arrow. What could possibly be causing these butterflies in our stomach? Well, as I’m sure the same goes for you too, nothing makes our hearts beat faster than hearing from our incredible customers what they’ve done with our product, Dundas BI.

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Group and Analyze Data On-the-Fly to Save Time

With the release of Dundas BI 5, we’re proud to deliver on our promise of continuously providing visual analytics that simplifies the manner in which you interact with your data. One such way we’ve done so is by providing a simple (yet very, very cool) solution to a common problem around the way data can be organized when being analyzed on the fly.

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Dundas BI 5 - From Predictable to Predictive Analytics

The wait is over – Dundas BI 5 is here! With this release comes over 150 new features and enhancements to ensure unlimited analytics possibilities are made even easier. With Dundas BI 5, everyone (yes, even you!) will enjoy faster ways to access the key data they need, in the way they need it. 

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With Dundas BI 5, Data Relationships Don’t Have to be Complicated

With the release of Dundas BI 5, a concerted effort was made to enhance our visual analytics offerings, to accelerate the speed by which questions could be answered. One way this was accomplished, was by creating new types of visualizations, specifically those within the relationship category.


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